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Here are some of the criteria used to select particular radio models based on general usage.

Family Walkie-Talkies
Personal radios for families have certain requirements that are different from business use. Some of these radios are sold in small sets at economical prices, making them especially ideal for family use. There are basic models that young children would be comfortable using and ruggedly designed radios built for the outdoors that can be used while camping, hiking and for other activities where durability is required. Among these are radios that operate on the FRS (Family Radio Service) frequencies, which do not require an FCC license to use.

Organizational Radios
As with family radios, radios for organizations include more basic and economical choices, as well as options with more channels for larger groups. You'll also find radios here that do not require a license, such as digital radios, since this makes it more affordable with no paperwork required.

Light Duty Business Radios
This category includes radios that are priced right for smaller businesses. They'll still be powerful enough to cover multiple floors indoors and approximately 100,000 to 250,000 square feet outdoors, but are generally designed for smaller-sized buildings and lighter usage.

Medium Duty Business Radios
Two-way radios for medium duty features more power and additional channels so that larger companies with multiple departments can communicate within their own department as well as with the entire company. The desired indoor coverage is for buildings that have 10 or more floors, and they may have additional features like a removable antenna and military-grade construction.

Heavy Duty Business Radios
These are the beefiest of the two-way radios, designed for large facilities like hotels, hospitals and outdoor locations such as golf courses and farms. There are also radios suitable for military use. These will be the top-of-the-line units with rugged construction and advanced features like customer programming software, advanced voice activation and wireless cloning.