Wireless Walkie Talkie Headset

If you’re looking for a specialized two-way radio to improve communication for your thriving business, one thing is for certain…

Convenience is everything. You need convenience, and only through convenience can you streamline communications and improve your efficiency.

That’s why walkie-talkie accessories, like headsets, are vital to the communication experience. 

But there are a lot of walkie-talkie headsets out there. And what might be helpful for a family of four going on a camping trip could be completely useless for a retail business looking to streamline communications among the staff. 

That’s why we’ve compiled this guide on the best walkie-talkie headsets in the industry. Here at Tech Wholesale, we never want you to fumble around blind in your search for communication excellence. That’s why we make it our mission to guide our customers through the selection and purchase processes, ensuring that you find the ideal radio and accessories to suit your needs. 

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Why Do You Need a Walkie-Talkie Headset?

Is hands-free communication something that you could use?

If so, then we’re on the right track. If you’re working in a physically demanding industry and need to receive communications and respond while you have your hands full, a headset would be a tremendous help. 

But there are also other devices that could help you with this. The Motorola TLK150, for instance, is a vehicle-mounted radio with nationwide coverage. Now, there’s no better time for hands-free communication than when you’re operating a vehicle, but you also don’t want to wear a headset with an earpiece while you’re driving. 

That’s why Motorola TLK-150 accessories include items like an external speaker, a visor-mounted microphone, and a foot switch that will let you communicate without ever taking your hands off the wheel.

But if you’re looking to communicate with team members or family without having to hold a device, quickly reach the stock room of a retail store, contact the home office while you’re out working in the field, or radio members of your valet parking staff, then it might be time to take a looking at the exciting headset accessories that bring convenience to the world of two-way radio communication. 

The Best Walkie-Talkie Headsets

For your convenience, we’ve split this resource into several different sections. 

First off, we’re going to talk about a walkie-talkie headset that you can use for recreational purposes. For instance, if you’re going camping with your family, what’s the best walkie-talkie headset and radio combination that you can choose? 

Then we’re going to get into the world of business two-way radios. 

We’ll start off with light-duty businesses, highlighting a great choice for industries like retail, restaurants, and hotels of all sizes. 

Then it’ll be time to talk about medium-duty businesses, those that might require a lot of travel and need an impressive range in order to function. 

Finally, we’ll wrap it up by discussing heavy-duty business radio headsets, for industries that place a lot of wear and tear on your devices, like construction or security work.

What’s the Best Walkie-Talkie Headset for Personal Use?

Motorola HKLN4604

If you’re looking for a walkie-talkie headset for personal use, then we think the Motorola HKLN4604 will be a perfect fit for your needs. 

This headset pairs with the Motorola CLS1110, which we think is one of the best camping walkie-talkies on the market today. 

This is a swivel earpiece headset that connects comfortably around the ear and can fit ears of all shapes and sizes. It’s not only comfortable but also highly durable. This headset brings the efficiency of a business-class accessory into the world of personal use. 

It’s designed to remain comfortable throughout a long day and provide crisp and clear audio without ever faltering. This device includes an in-line microphone with a push-to-talk button. Simply hold down the button, speak, and you’re good to go. 

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What is the Best Walkie-Talkie Headset for Light-Duty Businesses?

Motorola PMLN8311A

The Motorola PMLN8311A is a great headset option for light-duty businesses. It was created to pair with the Motorola Curve, a radio that was specifically designed for the hospitalityrestaurant, and retail industries.

This headset fits comfortably over the ear. In fact, the swivel earhook was designed specifically to maximize employee comfort over long shifts. The design also ensures that the earpiece will remain in the ear and not fall out at a crucial moment. 

It provides high-quality audio, even in loud environments. This is all thanks to the removable ear tips that improve noise cancellation. These ear tips can also be swapped out when a new employee starts using the accessory. This creates a healthier environment for the entire team. 

There’s also an inline microphone built into the headset with a PTT button, ensuring that communication between team members can be quick, efficient, and effective. 

If this seems like the headset for you, reach out via live chat, phone, or email.

What is the Best Walkie-Talkie Headset for Medium-Duty Businesses?

Motorola PMLN7189

The Motorola PMLN7189 is a swivel earpiece and inline microphone that pairs with the popular Motorola TLK100 radio. 

This radio is ideal for industries that require a lot of travel, like truck drivers or any business that operates out in the field — including electricianslandscapers, and plumbers

This device works so well for these industries because it has a nationwide range powered by a 4G LTE cell phone network. 

It stands to reason that a radio this epic requires an equally powerful headset. That’s where the PMLN7189 comes in handy. It uses a swivel earpiece and an inline microphone to make cross-country hands-free communication possible. 

The inline microphone is activated by a built-in PTT button, which hangs in front of the user in a place that’s easy to access. The swivel earpiece is comfortable and secure and will serve as a strong companion to an already strong radio. 

Motorola Solutions has a strong reputation as a reliable provider of durable products, and both your Motorola radio and headset comes with an iron-clad two-year warranty (that can be extended to five years).

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What is the Best Walkie-Talkie Headset for Heavy-Duty Businesses?

Motorola PMLN6854A 

The Motorola PMLN6854A is a heavy-duty headset designed for the Motorola CP series of radios. These devices were designed for heavy-duty industries like construction.

This headset is as heavy-duty as they come, fitting completely over both ears to work in high noise situations. It uses soft-gel seals for maximum comfort and is designed to be worn for extensive periods. The design of the headset features behind the head support, which would fit comfortably under construction hard hats. 

The headset connects directly to the radio and includes a noise-canceling microphone that comes out of the left earphone and can be adjusted to rest by the mouth. The PTT button is located on the earmuff, which makes it easy to access even if the user is wearing heavy gloves. 

This device has a Noise Reduction Rating of 24 dB, so it protects the hearing of the wearer while in use. 

If you need a heavy-duty headset like this, contact Tech Wholesale right away. We can be reached via phone, email, or live chat.

Want to Learn More?

The headsets we’ve detailed here are some of the very best and work for some of the top Motorola walkie talkies on the market. But it’s possible that none of the devices we’ve highlighted will suit your needs. 

If that’s the case, we’re ready to help you find the radio and walkie-talkie headset that will best suit your needs. Contact Tech Wholesale today by phone, email, or live chat, and let our experienced staff of radio professionals find the radio and headset for you.