Motorola RDM2020 Product Overview

THE RDM2020 RADIO HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED AND REPLACED WITH THE Motorola RMU2080d.. These radios are 100% communication-compatible.

  • VHF band, 2-Watts, 2 Channels, 5 preset business friendly frequencies: 151.820 MHz, 151.880 MHz, 151.940 MHz, 154.570 MHz, 154.600 MHz.
  • No FCC business license required!
  • Do business or pleasure across 220,000sq.ft and up to 13 floors!
  • 39 analogue programmable interference elimination codes and 84 digital interference elimination codes.
  • VOX capable (handsfree, voice activated transmission) when used with additional accessories (sold separately).
  • Program and clone your radio settings with ease using Motorola's free for download CPS (customer programming software; requires cable sold separately). Motorola hardy, business radio communication for the FCC license free VHF band, the RDM2020 delivers your messages effectively out in the wild. Like Motorola's RDX business walkie-talkies, the MURS RDM series radios transmit 30% louder than previous Motorola XTN and AX series models. Motorola 2-way radio engineers deliver their most advanced audio yet, for your business radio needs. The RDM 2020 offers a simple to use portable, handheld radio for outdoor 2-way radio communications. Up to 2-watts of power sends your messages across 220,000sq. ft and up to 13 floors. 3 audible call tones alert you to incoming calls on either of the RDM2020's 2 channels. Additional features include: 2 programmable buttons, autoscan, channel scan with a selectable scan list, 3 inversion voice scramble settings and more. Extended battery life keeps your employees and family in touch for up to 12 hours on a single charge (battery save enabled; based on 5/5/90 industry standard duty cycle: 5% transmit, 5% receive, 90% standby). Your RDM2020 walkie-talkie's status is available at a glance via the tri-color LED light on top making it super simple to use. Of course we at will program your radio for you, but if you prefer to do things yourself, Motorola makes that easy too! All of the RDM two-way radios are programmable using free downloadable PC software (CPS, customer programming software) that gives you access to lots of business radio useful features. Should you want to clone your walkie-talkie settings across radios in a literal snap, pick up a cloning cable and you can do just that! Motorola RDM radios use the same two-way radio accessories as their RDX series walkie-talkies. All Motorola RDM MURS band radios feature a 2-pin accessory plug (Compatible With RDX/XTN/CLS Series). Also like their UHF cousins, the RDX walkie-talkies, your Motorola RDM 2020 radio is built to last through business and pleasure. It's manufactured to military specifications 810 C, D, E, and F and rated IP54/55, in fact. Your RDM 2020 will handle extremes in temperature, salt, fog, moisture, shock, vibration and dust.

What comes in the box:

  • 1100 mAh Li Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • 7-Hour Drop-In Charging Tray with Wall Adaptor
  • Spring Belt Clip Holster
  • User's Guide
  • Safety Leaflet
  • Manufacturer's Warranty Card
    Scroll to the bottom for images and links to all RDM series compatible accessories!
    Feature Highlights:
  • 3 Audible Call Tones
  • Channel Scan
  • Scan Channel Delete
  • Talk Confirmation Tone
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Battery Saver
  • Two Programmable Buttons
  • Timeout Timer
  • Keystroke Tone Signal Who should use the RDM2020 2-way Radio? Business users and outdoor enthusiasts who want reliable, durable handheld radio without having to pay an FCC business license fee. Small Farms: From the field to the front office, your small farm relies on communication between farm hands and management to keep operations running smoothly and effectively. Whether your handling animals or heavy tractors safety is a factor on any small farm. A VHF MURS band RDM2020 enables you to radio for help when help is needed and receive a timely emergency response when time counts. Medium to Large School Campuses: Running a successful school campus takes the coordinated efforts of many teams focused on differing tasks. Two-way radio communication across your campus is a must to ensure that student and administrative needs are met with efficiency. Using an RDM2020 to dispatch maintenance, security, and groundskeeping teams, as well as coordinate school events makes everyone's day that much easier. Parents will feel at ease aso, knowing your school weaves a tight safety net with a 2-way radio enabled security watch. Construction Sites: Get your questions answered by the best mason on the jobsite via RDM2020 walkie-talkie. Forgot where you last saw the nail gun? Ask the whole construction crew at once! An RDM 2020 on your construction site will make the best of the skilled labor you have at your disposal. Getting hurt on the job can be a lot less serious when help is on the way via a quick radio call. Safety and efficiency are just what you need from your construction work business radio! Boatyards: Putting together a sea or river worthy vessel requires the work of a highly effective team. From welders to woodworkers, getting the job done right happens when communication is easy and readily available via 2-way radio. Your RDM2020 offers an affordable solution that lets you stay in touch by land or by sea. Take 'er out and see if she floats! You'll not have any problem staying connected using the marine radio band of choice: VHF. MURS band VHF radio frequencies let you radio back to shore without FCC business license fees. Serious Campers: Don't buy an RDM2020 if you're just camping out in a tent in the backyard. A Motorola Talkabout family radio will do you just fine. However, if you're a real camper with a compass embedded in your right wrist and Gortex for skin, you'll want to consider an RDM MURS band radio, either an RDM2020 or the RDM2080d. MURS walkie-talkies let you, your co-hikers and your satellite camps stay connected via VHF radio frequencies, though spread far and wide across the great outdoors. Stay safe out there! Car Clubs: You're at the head of the pack and you've spotted a combination BBQ and Donut Shack and you've just got to tell someone. Why not tell everyone in your car club simultaneously over your 2-way radio? Make it a club thing! The MURS band RDM2020 two-way radio lets you and your fellow car clubbers enjoy the open road together. You can plan pit stops and get help should ol' Bessie feel tired that day, all over the FREE VHF airwaves!