Motorola CLP1040 Product Overview

NOTICE: The CLP1010 and CLP1040 radios have been replaced with the CLP1010e and CLP1080e models. You may find those radios here: Motorola CLPe Radios. Note that the CLP and CLPe radios are fully communication-compatible and use the same belt clips and chargers, BUT, the batteries and earpieces are different for each model.

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Product Description

The CLP1040 4-Channel, 1-Watt Radio is the final result of Motorola's research within hotels, restaurants and retail stores, and you might be surprised at what it can do to transform communication within your business. This smart radio comes with a swivel belt holster that allows you to take it anywhere you go, and the compact, comfortable earpiece allows discreet, private two-way communication. This is one of the best Motorola two-way radios for business of all sizes.

Function meets affordability when you order the Motorola CLP1040 two-way radio from Tech Wholesale. This compact UHF radio is for workers who need to be able to communicate across rooms and floors but don't want to haul a bulky walkie-talkie around. The slimline belt-holster unit and adjustable earpiece were designed with retail store, hotel, restaurant and small office workers in mind. Motorola has done extensive research into these industries, and the CLP1040 radio meets the demands for a simple walkie-talkie that does what you need it to.

With this four-channel UHF radio from Motorola, your business communications will be online when they need to be. You don't even need to take the radio off your belt Ñ just press the large tap-to-talk button and use the in-line PTT microphone to talk with co-workers throughout the building. Each unit has a range of 100,000 square feet or 10 floors as is. By adding a repeater, you can increase the range to 250,000 square feet, getting the same convenience in larger offices and stores.

Don't let the small size fool you Ñ the CLP1040 two-way business radio has the same features as many larger models. Each radio has 99 exclusive business UHF frequencies along with a host of special codes to eliminate interference and cross-talk. There are 16 adjustable audio levels to be heard in all settings and with voice-assisted menus, it's easy to set up and program your radio. If you want Bluetooth capabilities as well, consider the Motorola CLP1060 that also has two additional channels.

Get the lowest price anywhere on a convenient Motorola hands-free radio by trusting Tech Wholesale for your order. We have special offers on bulk orders and can also put together a custom quote on request. These radios come with a 9-12 hour lithium-ion battery, belt clip, wall charger and other accessories. Add a high-capacity battery, magnetic clip or cloning cable to get even more out of your radios. Our communications experts are ready to assist you by phone, email and live chat.

Highly functional and extremely convenient, this two-way UHF radio can keep your staff talking and collaborating for 9 to 12 hours. If you need more talk-time, upgrade to a high-capacity Li-ion battery that can power through 14 hours with no problems. This is one powerful radio; it has a range of 100,000 square feet and 10 floors, which is a testament to its signal strength.

A simple (and large) tap-to-talk button lets users hit the ground running with very little training. This radio is different from the CLP1010, which operates on a single channel, because it uses four individual channels for internal communication. It's versatile and discreet enough to be used in restaurants, retail shops and dental offices, and it might be the perfect solution for your business.

It certainly makes sense that the businesses that actually use two-way radios and walkie-talkies would be the best source of information as to what these devices must be able to do to meet their business needs. Motorola certainly agrees, which is why they contacted retail stores, hotels, restaurants and others in the service industry to find out just what they are looking for in a business radio. The resulting answers were put to good use in the CLP radio series, which includes CLP1040 Motorola two-way radios.

At Tech Wholesale, we frequently recommend the CLP1040 Motorola two-way radio because it offers an excellent combination of functionality and convenience, giving smaller businesses and companies that need only basic radio communication just what they need in a quality walkie-talkie and radio. You can take this recommendation seriously because of our extensive experience providing businesses with the communication tools they need to keep their associates in constant contact and to fulfill their customers' requests. We aren't just a simple radio catalog where you can buy radios and accessories such as a CPS programming cable. We are a comprehensive hand-held radio distributor that can guide you in selecting the best radios for purchase and in making sure that you get only what you need and not extras that are unnecessary for your business.

The CLP1040 Motorola two-way radio shares many of the same capabilities as other Motorola products in the CLP series. This multi-channel UHF radio allows you to group communication across four different channels so that you can tailor your radios to specific associates. Each radio also comes with a high-grade battery that keeps the radio powered for nearly ten hours on one charge. If you need a longer-lasting power source, you can always purchase a high-capacity lithium-ion battery from our online shop and enjoy 14 hours of service on one charge.

With a range of ten floors and 100,000 feet, CLP1040 Motorola two-way radios are the perfect option for use in smaller buildings. Each radio also includes an earpiece/mic that gives your associates the ease of hands-free communication in many settings. Use a magnetic clip to keep it on your person and out of the way, and you'll never have to worry about setting your radio down and losing it again.

As with all of the other radios in our catalog, we offer the best batteries for your radio, and you may even qualify for a rebate. Our associates are standing by to help you figure out which radio is right for your needs and whether you actually need that cloning cable or multi-unit charger for ease of programming and charging. Contact us today and we will be glad to help you with all your business radio needs.

  • UHF band, 1-Watt, 4-Channel, 99 Business exclusive frequencies: 450-470MHz.
  • This comes with a free belt holster. You may optionally purchase a magnetic holster and short mic cord.
  • CLP1040 handheld radios cover up to 100,000 sq. ft. and up to 10 floors, depending on the area!
  • Voice assisted menus enable you to set-up your business radios to your meet your unique needs and keep you abreast of your walkie-talkie's status via audio prompts.
  • 219 Interference elimination codes work to provide chatter free and private business two-way radio communication: 39 standard + 6 custom PL codes, 84 standard + 84 inverted + 6 custom DPL codes.
  • Programming your CLP1010 handheld radio is easy using your PC and Motorola's free downloadable Customer Programming Software (CPS) and a CPS programming cable (sold separately).
  • 16 adjustable audio levels make sure your business communications cut through the noise in any high volume work setting.
  • Motorola's smart status glow light provides visual information on transmit and receive, battery status, channel and scan in an instant.

Motorola's CLP1040 provides the perfect solution for businesses that need to separate out conversations between user groups focused on differing tasks. Let's look at an example in a retail store setting. The manager would take their own channel, Channel 1, so anyone who needs to ask a specific question that's not relevant to the whole store can quickly get their manager on the horn and get the answer they need without distracting the rest of the team away from their work. The manager might then assign cashiers to Channel 2, so they can talk amongst themselves and anyone who needs them knows where to get them. Maintenance/Housekeeping could have Channel 3, to be quickly dispatched to clean up messes before they become a legal liability.

Floor sales staff would be available on Channel 4 for questions and price checks. The CLP1040's multi-channel functionality can be configured to fit any way your retail, restaurant or hotel business works. All CLP series two-way radios transmit and receive up to 100,000 sq. feet and up to 10 floors using only 1-Watt of power! Depending how your job site is configured and how your team works, high and low power settings can help you preserve your battery charge, so you can take your walkie-talkies into extra innings should the need arise.

Each CLP1040 ships with a lithium-ion battery that offers between 9-12 hours on a full charge. For customer service businesses that need to push it a bit longer, upgrade your CLP1040 battery to the high capacity lithium-ion battery for as much as 14 hours of two-way radio talk per charge. Cloning settings between radios happens easily when you use a cloning cable or multi-unit charger. Big bonus on the multi-unit charger is the comfort in knowing where your walkie-talkies are when they're plugged in. No more frantically running around trying to track 'em all down. Of course, Motorola thinks of the little bits too. They designed the CLP multi-charger units with a little pocket in the back of each dock to keep that walkie-talkie's earpiece/mic with the radio itself as it charges. Motorola for the win!

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Feature Highlights:

  • 4 Channel Communication!
  • Battery charges last from 9-12 hours from a single, full charge!
  • Small, stylish and sleek says professional on deck!
  • Audio runs through an earpiece, so your business' business stays between your team members
  • Anti-microbial properties inhibit growth of bacteria and viruses on the outside of the handheld radio unit itself
  • Dimensions H x W x D (with default battery) 3.5 x 2.0 x 0.75 inches
  • Repeater capable Who should use a Motorola CLP1040 2-way radio? Any customer service oriented business looking for discreet two-way radio communication in a professional package. Restaurants: As soon as they walk in the door, your diners see a smooth professional looking host ready with a little voice in their ear telling them which tables are ready to roll. Customers with a food allergy will feel much safer when they know their server has gotten up-to-the-minute info on what's in the soup. Get your tables turned faster when wait staff lets bussers know where to work next. Hotels: Hotel lobby traffic control is a breeze with CLP series radios keeping everyone on their toes. Bell staff knows who's ready to be escorted up. Concierges are available - literally - at the push of a button. Next-gen technology like the sleek units in the CLP series give your security staff a professional image while ensuring your safety net is woven tight. Retail stores: Run your 5K on the weekends, not during your workday. Two-way radio communication delivers the information and products you need without having to hunt and gather. CLP two-way radios enable your cashiers, floor staff and back-of-the-house folk to work together with ease. Improve company efficiency and employee morale with one simple investment. Motorola's Push-to-talk tells your customers their needs are a top priority. Caterers: Keep it cute! Give your catering company a stylish image that also enables them to move virtually unheard through your clients' special events. Their walkie-talkie communications is seamless and your event comes off flawless! Car Dealerships: Loose lips sink car dealerships. People feel kinda funny when talking about money. So, keep it cool with the Motorola CLP 1040's discretion conscious design. Sales reps can talk to financial managers without embarrassing their customers if everyone overhears their interest rate. Greet new customers as they enter the door with reception staff outfitted in the CLP walkie-talkie's smooth sleek design. Your whole team stays connected and customers gain confidence in their sales rep when answers simply flow. Dental Offices: Put antsy patients at ease with the smooth professional demeanor of your dental office team. Work fast to get 'em up and out by making sure materials and equipment are right where doctors and hygienists expect them. The anti-microbial properties are an added bonus, you dental office staff will love. Disinfection is key! *Coverage may vary depending on weather and terrain conditions. FCC licensing is required. Motorola CLP1040 User Guide