Two-way Radios for Retail Management

You'll see your profits soar when you introduce high performance two-way radios to your retail environment. Better communication leads to greater efficiency, satisfied customers and repeat business.

As a retail store manager you basically have four choices of two-way radios.

Some managers instantly think of using FRS radios (Family Radio Service), due to the low cost and adequate coverage. However, these radios are definitely not an option for an operation like retail management. These radios, while they are the cheapest alternative, are merely a step above being toys. They will never stand up to daily use and it's a certainty that every radio will be replaced at least 2-5 times per year if used in a retail setting daily.

The most prominent radios in the market for retail store management operation are smaller in size. However, some operations choose to use the more expensive, bulkier radios such as the Motorola RMU2080 or models like the Motorola Curve. These radios are great and if your retail unit has outdoor, rugged settings, like a nursery, this might be a good choice for you. However, these type radios are usually overkill for standard retail operations. They cost more, and are bulkier for the associates. So, most people would rule these out as well.

This leaves us with three great choices - the Motorola CLS radios, the CLPe radios and the DLR radios. All three of these easily cover the range that you will need. They will also each have a choice of hundreds of potential frequencies and privacy codes. So, you will always be able to get a clear signal no matter where your store is or how much interference there is in the area.

The Motorola DLR Radio is the only digital choice of the three. It operates on a 900 MHz frequency with the distinct advantage of not needing an FCC license. This is its biggest advantage. It does cost a little more than the other two options; however the lack of time, effort and money for an FCC license can override this. You may find all the details you need on this radio here:

Motorola DLR1020

The Motorola CLS is the choice for the vast majority of retail operations. This is due to its low-cost (it's the least expensive business radio that Motorola offers). This CLS radio operates on the UHF frequency (and like almost all other business radios, requires an FCC license). A very rough estimate of the licensing fees is about $500 per 7-year period no matter how many radios or how many locations you have. Here is some basic FCC information.

Motorola CLS1410

The Motorola CLP series is another great choice. This is a very small radio. Several large retail chains have been slowly switching to this model. It will communicate with the CLS radios, so it is a good radio to blend into for stores established with CLS radios. This particular radio differs from the CLS in its size as well as the fact that it does not have a speaker on it. So, each radio comes with the free ear piece and mic. This makes it cost just a little more than the CLS radio. Many retail stores find this to be an advantage due to its size. You may view more information about the Motorola CLP radios here:

Motorola CLP1080e

Each of the CLS or CLPe radios would also need a mic. For either radio, we recommend the Motorola RLN6423/HKLN4604 microphone.

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