Kenwood VHF Two-Way Radios

Improve your outdoor communications and increase your signal range over a wide open area with a Kenwood VHF two-way radio.

For events and jobs that are done mainly outdoors, VHF radios provide an ideal way for workers and other personnel to stay in communication with one another. When it comes to the right walkie-talkies that operate over VHF frequencies, Kenwood has long been a leader in providing quality devices that make talking to one another easy. If you're in the market for Kenwood VHF products, then Tech Wholesale can help you find the proper radios at a price you'll love.

It's important to have a source you can trust when it is time to purchase radios for your company or even for personal use. After all, you don't want to invest in products that later turn out to be unsuitable for your needs. That's where we come in. Our expertise and experience as a recognized leader in two-way radio retailing means that you aren't visiting any ordinary online shop when you shop our Kenwood VHF radio selection here at Tech Wholesale. Our associates are extremely knowledgeable about Kenwood products, and they have helped many companies and individuals select the Kenwood radios that will do what they need them to do. We also offer the lowest prices, and you can even qualify for quantity discounts if you need to buy 100 or more two-way radios.

Moreover, because Tech Wholesale is a Kenwood ProTalk Dealer, you can purchase from us with confidence. Kenwood doesn't let just any retailer sell its radios. Instead, they carefully select dealers for their products who offer professional service and thoroughly understand Kenwood radios. We are proud to be recognized as a Kenwood ProTalk Dealer because Kenwood trusts only the best to sell their walkie-talkies and two-way radios.

As you consider making a Kenwood VHF radio purchase, you might be wondering if you are doing the right thing for your company or if it might be better to buy UHF radios from Kenwood. VHF radios, as noted above, are perfect for most outdoor applications. They are popular with outdoor workers in fields such as security, landscaping and construction because they do a great job of allowing people to communicate with one another over long distances. VHF radio waves can cover more distance than UHF radio waves. However, VHF waves do not penetrate solid materials very well, which makes them less than ideal for indoor applications that require workers to communicate across different floors or when separated by walls. If your radios will be used only by people who need to talk to each other outside, a Kenwood device that operates over the VHF frequency is a great choice. Otherwise, you will likely be better served by a UHF radio. Our extensive guide to two-way radios provides more information as to whether you are better off with a UHF or VHF product.

That being said, the best way to know if Kenwood VHF radio devices are right for you is to talk to us directly.

Tech Wholesale associates are standing by to help you choose not only between UHF and VHF radios but also the proper wattages, accessories and so forth for your particular needs. We are eager to help you get the right product, and we'll even ship from our warehouse the same day you order. To learn more about any of our Kenwood products, click on the radio of your choice or call us at 888-Walky-Talky.