Kenwood TK-3402U16P Product Overview

NOTE: The Kenwood TK-3402U16P radio has been replaced by the NX-P1300AUK model.

Product Description

The compact, 5-watt Kenwood Pro-Talk TK-3402U16P gives your entire staff an unprecedented ability to communicate over long distances with crystal-clear clarity. While these radios are tough enough for construction and other worksites where daily use can be taxing, they're also suitable for indoor use. With enough power to let people keep in touch over 33 floors of concrete and steel, these might be the perfect radios for your operation's needs.

With time-saving wireless cloning capabilities that prevent you from having to customize each radio individually, as well as enhanced audio quality that comes from a high-output, 36-millimeter speaker, the Kenwood Pro-Talk TK-3402U16P allows your team to seamlessly communicate anywhere, anytime.

Two programmable function keys let you and your staff further customize these two-way Kenwood radios, and a built-in voice-inversion scrambler provides a level of security that's unprecedented in radios as affordable as these are. You can select up to 16 of 2,097 possible inversion frequencies to keep your team's communications secure.