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Motorola Radio Accessories Enhance the User Experience

For the widest range of features and optimum durability in even the toughest environments, Motorola is the industry standard. These radios are used by global retailers, distributors and even the U.S. military. One of the reasons for the brand's popularity is found in the great selection of Motorola radio accessories. Optional add-ons increase the applications of all Motorola radios, so you won't face a problem that can't be solved with the right accessory.

Communication Add-ons

A large variety of devices are available for increasing the reliability of communications and protecting your workforce. Team members working with the public will face situations where both their hands need to be free. Other situations will require concealment of private transmissions. Fortunately, Motorola radio accessories are available to solve both problems.

The discreet earpiece and microphone for RDX radios are helpful in several ways. They conceal communications from others, and they give your workplace a more authoritative atmosphere. This is a great choice for security personnel and hospitality management crews. The Spirit remote speaker microphone set works with most Motorola two way radios. This shoulder set keeps the ears free and transmits with the push of a button. Investigate other Motorola radio accessories for communication before choosing a model for your application.

Programming Add-ons

Two way radios from Motorola will meet the demands of every work environment. This versatility relies on you making full use of customization options. Programming a single radio takes time, and programming a fleet quickly becomes a full-time job. This is the reason behind two of the most practical Motorola radio accessories. A cloning cable lets you transfer one radio's settings to another quickly. USB data transfer allows you to create the original settings with user-friendly software.

Power Add-ons

Every radio comes with an adapter and base for charging the radio. For larger orders, you may wish to trade in single chargers for a multi-unit one. High-capacity batteries let your units stay in the field longer, and rapid chargers provide a full battery with only two hours of charge time. Whatever your needs, Motorola radio accessories give you more options.