If you’re considering a walkie-talkie that can help you run the most efficient business possible, you should consider the world of digital walkie talkies.

Digital radios are the wave of the future, and they’re reshaping the way businesses like yours look at two-way radios. While traditional UHF and VHF radios communicate with one another through analog airwaves owned by the federal government, digital radios are able to function on a whole other level outside the jurisdiction of the FCC

The biggest advancements made in the radio industry in the last several decades are all coming from digital radios. Whether it’s the unprecedented range of radios like the Motorola TLK-100 or TLK-150, the efficiency of the all-new Motorola Curve, or the HIPAA compliance of the Motorola DLR series, digital radios are redefining what walkie-talkie means.

But there are a lot of digital radios out there, and it’s not always easy to find the right radio for your needs. 

That’s why we’ve created this helpful digital radio resource guide for you. We’ll walk you through some of the best digital radios on the market today, so that you can compare their benefits with your needs and make an educated decision that will benefit communication across your organization. 

If you have any questions about the digital radios on this list or any device on the market, reach out to our experienced radio technicians by phone, email, or live chat.

What Do You Need in a Digital Radio?

The radios we’re going to detail on this page are all quality devices made by Motorola Solutions, the most trusted name in the two-way radio industry. So, you can rest assured that everything we recommend here is of the highest quality.

We stand behind our selections for this list, but we also want to consider your business’ specific needs. For example, if you’re running a restaurant, you’re not going to need a radio that receives nationwide coverage. And if you have a fleet of vehicles that will be out in the community, you’re going to need some more power than your average retail radio can provide. 

That’s why we’re breaking down common concerns and pointing out things to look out for. That way, you’ll know you’re making the best and most educated decision possible. 

Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum

When we talk about digital radios, a lot of the effectiveness of these devices stem from the Frequency Hopping Spread technology included in many of them. 

Motorola Radios that run on a 900 MHz digital band can skip from frequency to frequency. This creates a pseudo-random sequence among 50 different frequencies. Depending on how your individual model works, you could have access to over 10 billion different sub-channels. That’s why manufacturers can claim secure, interference-free communication. This comes in most handy when private communications are needed, like in medical offices to best-comply with HIPAA regulations, or for security teams needing secure conversations.

No FCC Licensing Fees

Many UHF and VHF radios come with licensing fees from the U.S. government. The FCC owns the airwaves that these radios transmit on, which means that you have to rent the space with FCC licensing fees. 

Thankfully, digital devices don’t transmit on these government-owned waves, so you’re saving money in the long run by not having to write a check to Uncle Sam to keep re-upping your radio license.


Before buying a radio, you need to determine your range needs. After all, it won’t do if you purchase one, and suddenly discover that the range is too short for your use case. 

Likewise, it’s equally bad to spend money on a radio that’s infinitely more powerful than you actually need. When that happens, you’re wasting money that could be spent on other important ventures like your marketing plan.

So, figure out your range needs and match them with a radio that meets them. 


How active is your industry? Are your workers frequently engaged in activities where a radio could be dropped, smashed, submerged, or otherwise exposed to hazards? 

For a construction firm, you don’t want to select a device that’s going to break when it’s dropped or exposed to dust. On the other hand, if you’re a dental office, you might not want to spend more on a radio that’s designed to be submerged in mud. 

Most of Motorola’s digital radios are built to military-grade specifications, meaning that you’re not going to spend money on a radio that will shatter like glass if it’s dropped. However, the level of durability you require is something to gauge when selecting a device. 


When scrolling through a list of potential digital radios, pay attention to the availability of compatible accessories. Most of these accessories are sold separately, but many of them will come in handy and could help a radio better suit your needs. 

For example, maybe your employees need a hands-free option and require a radio headset. Perhaps you’re purchasing several radios, and you want a charging dock that will hold six radios simultaneously. 

Ensure that the radio you’re looking at has the right accessories for you. Even if you’re not going to purchase these accessories right away, it’s a good idea to determine what your needs are for the future. 

Battery Life

How long do you need your radios to run? Ensure that the digital walkie-talkie you select has enough battery life to suit your needs. 

Some radios also have upgraded batteries that you can purchase separately. If you’re looking at a radio that seems perfect, but you want some more charge for your battery, see if there’s a more powerful rechargeable battery on offer. 

Special Features

Many of these radios have special features that help them stand out in a crowded industry. 

Whether you’re looking for private calls, call groups, a page all available feature, or encrypted communication, there’s sure to be a radio at Tech Wholesale that will meet your needs. 

Just make sure that the features included with your device are the features you actually need. Don’t pay for a radio that has a wealth of features that are meaningless to you.

What Are the Best Digital Radios?

Now that we’ve talked about why you need a digital radio and what to look for, it’s time to start looking through the very best digital radios on the market today. 

Motorola Curve 

The Motorola Curve is a new advancement in business digital radios. It was developed specifically for the retail, hospitality, and restaurant industries and runs on a 900 MHz ISM band with no FCC license required. 

It has an outdoor range that provides reliable communication for up to two miles and an indoor range covering 300,000 square feet (the equivalent of 20 floors). 

With a battery life of 11.5 hours, this device will more than last through the average workday. The Curve is capable of stand-alone radio-to-radio communication but can also tie into your Wi-Fi system to allow for more functionality with an additional hub subscription. This includes the ability to use the cloud for voice command processing. 

The Curve also lets you send private voice messages to the handsets of your choice. These messages can then be played and replayed by the recipient whenever they choose. 

Motorola TLK-100 

The Motorola TLK-100 has a range that’s a lot more than impressive. With this radio, you’re able to communicate anywhere in the United States. 

That’s because this is a digital radio that runs on a 4G LTE cellular network. So, if you can get a cell phone reception in an area, you can use this radio. You’re also able to connect the TLK-100 to Wi-Fi so that service remains uninterrupted, even in locations where cell reception is poor. 

At a weight of only 5.86 ounces, this device is easy to carry in the field and won’t keep employees from being effective while working. 

You don’t have to worry about any FCC licensing fees. You won’t even have to worry about programming the radio. Our radio engineers at Tech Wholesale will set the devices up for you so that they’re ready to go the moment you take them out of the box. 

Thanks to the Motorola WAVE OnCloud mobile app, this radio can also communicate with smartphones. 

Motorola TLK-150 

The Motorola TLK-150 takes the effectiveness and range of the Motorola TLK-100 and installs it in a vehicle. 

It has the same nationwide range as the Motorola TLK-100, running off of 4G-LTE cell towers. It can also flawlessly communicate with those handheld devices, making these TLK series radios an excellent pair. This radio can be mounted in a vehicle, providing easy access for drivers who have to keep their eyes on the road. 

You can even purchase a foot-operated PTT button and visor-mounted microphone separately to create a fully hands-free experience. 

When using this radio, you have the option to speak to everyone at once or communicate privately with one person. When we set these radios up for you, we provide each radio with a name. This could be the name of the employee that will be using it, or the name of their position so that it can be swapped out to several employees. 

Motorola DLR1060 

The Motorola DLR1060 is a huge advancement in digital radio communication. It’s the most reliable HIPAA-compliant radio in the world, operating on a 900 MHz ISM band with no FCC licensing required. 

Because it’s a digital radio, you can communicate with anyone on your network one on one, or reach the entire staff simultaneously. With this device, you’ll enjoy static-free communication whether you’re indoors or outdoors. 

The Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology used by this device makes it so that neighboring radios won’t be able to pick up your private communications. This six-channel radio also comes with a page all available feature that would let you alert the entire staff in the event of an emergency. 

At a Glance: What’s the Difference Between These Radios?

Motorola Curve

  • Band: 900 MHz ISM Band (No FCC License Fee)
  • Power: 
  • Channels: 10
  • Weight: 5.11 oz
  • Dimensions: 4.55” x 1.87” x 0.95”
  • Outdoor range: Reliable communication for 1-2 miles
  • Indoor range: 300,000 square feet (20 Floors)

Motorola TLK-100

  • Band: 4G LTE (Cell-tower connection)
  • Power:
  • Channels: 8-96 channels
  • Weight: 5.86 ounces
  • Dimensions: 5.17 x 2.31 x 0.87 inches
  • Outdoor range: Nationwide
  • Indoor range: Nationwide

Motorola TLK-150

  • Band: 4G LTE (Cell-tower connection)
  • Power:
  • Channels: 1-96 channels
  • Weight: 1.41 lbs
  • Dimensions: 6.6 x1.7 x 3.7 inches
  • Outdoor range: Nationwide
  • Indoor range: Nationwide

Motorola DLR1060

  • Band: 900 MHz ISM Band (No FCC License Required)
  • Channels: 2
  • Power: 1 watt
  • Weight: 4.2 ounces
  • Dimensions: 4.2 x 1.7 x 0.9 inches
  • Outdoor range: Reliable communications for 1-2 miles
  • Indoor range: 300,000 sq.ft / 20 floors

Which Digital Radio do you Need?

The Best Digital Radio for Retail 

If you’re looking for a digital radio for your retail store, there’s none better than the Motorola Curve.

The Curve was developed with retail establishments in mind. Its digital 900 MHz ISM Band with Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum ensures that your communications will be private, and you won’t be paying any money to the FCC for licensing

With an indoor range of up to 20 floors, you’re going to have no issue communicating, whether it’s with sales personnel on the floor or the people working in your stock room. Even big-box retailers will comfortably fit within the range of this powerful device. 

The Wi-Fi-enabled features of this radio make it ideal for an indoor setting. Thanks to the Cloud functionality, Motorola was able to keep the device slim and sleek, making it easy for your team to carry around. These features require an additional hub subscription. 

The Best Digital Radio for Traveling Businesses

If your employees have to travel for work, consider the Motorola TLK100 to ensure they always stay connected. 

When you’re dealing with delivery drivers, electricians, cable installers, postal employees, police officers, and anyone else that might need to travel far and wide, you want to make sure that you’re always able to get in touch. That’s where the nationwide coverage of the TLK-100 comes in handy. 

It’s also a sleek and easy-to-carry device, which means your employees should have no issue bringing it along on jobs. 

The Best Digital Radio for Vehicle Fleets

When you have an internal vehicle fleet to manage, there’s no better device than the Motorola TLK150. The 4G LTE coverage that comes with this device is ideal whether you have drivers out in the surrounding suburbs or 18-wheelers that have to drive cross country. 

The radio mounts easily on a vehicle’s dashboard and has an easy-to-use PTT handset that’s always within reach. The TLK-150 also comes with a series of impressive accessories that will help you keep in contact the right way. 

The Best Digital Radio for Doctor’s Offices

If you’re a doctor’s office or hospital, you’re going to love the Motorola DLR1060

The Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology used by this digital device ensures that all of your private communications, including confidential patient data, are transmitted safely and securely. 

That’s why the Motorola DLR-1060 is the best HIPAA-compliant radio on the market today. 

Want to Learn More?

And there you have it. The devices listed above are the best of the best in digital radio communications. 

While the quality of the devices we’ve discussed is beyond dispute, it’s possible that none of these options fit your unique needs. That’s perfectly alright. 

Contact us at Tech Wholesale by phone, email, or live chat, and let us work with you to find the perfect match.