Casino Walkie Talkies

Don’t Gamble With Your Casino’s Efficiency

Resorts and casinos are made for fun and relaxation.

But your guests’ enjoyment is entirely dependent on the efficiency of your staff. 

Your resort or casino needs a quality name brand radio system in place if you want to keep your guests entertained, fed, and secure. Thankfully, you have landed on the ultimate guide to resort and casino radios.

At Tech Wholesale, we carry only the finest Motorola and Kenwood brand radios — radios that have been tested in the resort and casino world and stand the test of time. 

But, you have to know exactly what it is you’re looking for and which radio will be able to accommodate your needs. That's why we've put this comprehensive resource together with our recommendations.

We’re not just providing this information and telling you to sink or swim. You can contact us directly with any questions you may have. The experts at Tech Wholesale can be reached by phone at 888-925-5982 or by using the live chat feature on our website.

There is also an online website contact form where you can reach out to us. 

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What Do You Need in a Resort or Casino Radio? 

When you roll the dice on an off-brand walkie talkie, you’re taking a risk. 

You need a quality name-brand radio in place that will truly meet the needs of your resort or casino. 

But we don’t just want you to line up and buy the first radio off of our site that has an attractive name. A radio that we recommend to a small motel staff would not be powerful enough to meet the needs of a large resort casino. Likewise, a radio that might work for a massive theme park or college campus would be too powerful and include features that you won’t need if you're a boutique bed and breakfast. 

What features should you look for when buying a radio for your resort or casino? 

  • Indoor and Outdoor Functionality: When dealing with the communication needs of a casino or resort, you’re going to have staff members both inside and outside. So you need a radio that can work well in both environments. We recommend a UHF Radio, which have been designed to enable seamless communication between your employees working inside and out on the grounds, including by the pool. 
  • Security: You’re going to need a radio that is both private and holds up in an emergency situation. Durability is a must, as are privacy codes. You don’t want guests with family radios to be able to listen in on your communications.
  • Long Range: Depending on the size of your resort or casino, you’re going to need range. Ideally, you should find something with high wattage and a 20-30 floor range. That will work nicely for larger resort casinos. 
  • Multiple Channels: You’re also going to want to have multiple channels in place to segment your staff. Typically, casinos and resorts have a large staff and you don’t want them all talking over one another on a single channel. You need separate channels for your concierge/front desk, security, grounds keepers, recreation, daycare, valet parking, and more.