Two Way MURS Radios

Communicate effectively on high-quality equipment without having to pay for an FCC license by choosing a MURS radio from Tech Wholesale. MURS frequencies allow users to operate their two-way radios without the need for an FCC license, renewal or other subscription service. That adds up to an impressive savings.

Since 2002, individuals and companies have been able to take advantage of the Multi-Use Radio Service developed by the FCC that sets aside five VHF bands for voice and data communication. These bands do not require a license for use, but they are not guaranteed to be open or private. Since these frequencies were opened in 2002, MURS two-way radio equipment has become increasingly popular with individuals and small businesses for all their in-house communication needs. Here at Tech Wholesale, we can help you find the best MURS two-way radios and MURS walkie-talkies for your specific needs.

Our MURS selection makes it simple for you to find the best MURS radio for your needs. If you're looking for a high-performance MURS radio for sale, you've come to the right place! The fact that we are a Motorola Authorized Two-Way Radio Dealer demonstrates our understanding of the product and our high standards of customer service. Whether you decide on a MURS radio or not, you can trust us to explain your options and help you find the most cost-effective communication solution for your needs.

The FCC rules for MURS VHF two-way radios are not very extensive, and one of the key benefits of this lack of regulation is the savings you will enjoy on licensing fees and related expenses. Of note is the Motorola RMM2050, which is superb for communication outdoors. Since MURS is a VHF technology, you should be aware that MURS two-way radios that you buy are good only for outdoor use. They can't transmit through concrete, buildings or other obstructions. If you need radios for indoor communication, you are better off with UHF band radios because UHF waves will pass through obstacles that VHF waves cannot.

As noted, MURS radios are great for personal and professional applications. Avid outdoor enthusiasts often use them for sports such as fishing when they need to communicate with several other boats on the water. On a professional basis, the best MURS radio from Motorola or Kenwood is also perfect for outdoor activities such as concerts and charitable events. In these types of settings, you will likely want to have an ultra high-capacity battery so that you can keep the radios running for a longer period of time without having to recharge them. You can purchase these batteries and other accessories for your MURS radios at Tech Wholesale.

In addition to an impressive selection of MURS radio equipment and accessories, we also offer free same-day shipping and a low price guarantee so you can shop with confidence. Even better, we don't offer these benefits at the expense of product knowledge and expertise. Our associates are waiting to help you find the best MURS radio and to answer all your questions so that you will be satisfied with your radio purchase.