Programming for Kenwood Radios

Take advantage of the programmable capabilities of Kenwood ProTalk radios to boost the efficiency of your company's internal communications. Although they're ready to use right away, they can be set up to match existing radios in your fleet or changed for specific applications.

Stock Frequencies

Kenwood ProTalk radios come preprogrammed to standard frequencies. The radios will communicate right out of the box. Other stock frequencies can be field programmed. See our Kenwood Stock Frequency Chart

Programming to Match Existing Radio Frequencies

The Kenwood ProTalk radios can be programmed to match existing radios. We just need to read an existing radio.

Call our Kenwood help line for programming help 1-888-801-0200

Please let us know if the radio is tunable or if programming is required.

Given the price structure, we often recommend switching from a 4-channel to a 16-channel because the cost of the 16-channel radio is usually less than the up charge.