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The Motorola CLS1410 is Perfect for your Small Business

Perfect for Your Small Business

Small businesses must compete hard against each other and large franchises for a limited amount of consumer dollars. This means cutting costs, in order to pass more savings on the customer, and ramping up customer service beyond what is possible with larger chains. Small business has major advantages especially related to customer service, but the right tools still come in handy. The CLS1410 is one of those tools with far-reaching applications for any type of small business.

A Feature-rich Platform

The CLS1410 starts off with featherweight units presenting a slight profile. This makes them perfect for service and product-based industries where workers are commonly changing positions with their hands full. The CLS1410 caters to this business model by providing access to VOX technology, which is voice-activated transmission. Radios are pre-programmed to operate on one of four channels, and a code word is all that's needed to initiate communication over an earpiece and microphone accessory.

Audible call alerts are set for up to three events, such as incoming calls on different channels. Workers will always know the source upon receiving a call. Vibracall makes it possible for workers to receive a call without audible interruption in their duties.

Motorola CLS1410 High-performance Standard

Four channels push one watt of power making the CLS1410 able to transmit over five miles outdoors and 200,000 square feet indoors. Secure communication is made possible with 121 interference eliminator codes operative across digital and analogue. This serves to secure the business frequency and reduce the amount of cross-static from nearby frequencies.

Four channels and a user-friendly interface with behind-the-scenes programming makes a great option for businesses with high turnover of employees. There is no need to retrain employees with the basic channel switch and single-button operation. The basic options are easily modified for multiple applications. A catering service might utilize three channels. One is set aside for the coordination team, and another established for servers. The third channel is used strictly for communication between the event coordinator and employees. The Motorola CLS1410 is a great choice for reducing labor costs and enhancing customer service.