Walkie Talkie Radio Chargers


Quality two-way radios, and all radios at TechWholesale.com, will come packaged with an individual radio desktop charger. Chargers work either as 'trickle' chargers that power up overnight for 12-16 hours or rapid-rate chargers that replenish battery power in 2-3 hours.

Motorola offers multi-unit chargers, sometimes called 'gang chargers', that charge 6 units at a time for almost every business radio model. Multi-unit chargers cost more, but they help corral your radios; so you can find them when you need them and they help keep the radios from "walking away" since the manager can see them in one place at the end of the day. Most multi-unit chargers offer data cloning to keep settings consistent for the whole fleet. This helps save time by not having to program every radio individually. Instead, all radios automatically program themselves based on the settings of the master radio. Using multi-unit chargers also means it only takes one wall outlet to charge several radios.

If your two-way radio uses Ni-Cad or NiMh batteries but doesn't offer a rapid discharge function, you may be able to get that in a charging unit instead. Conditioning your battery can save you a lot of money by extending usage life.