Two-Way Radio Guide

Knowledge is power and at Tech Wholesale we're dedicated to empowering our customers to make a smart decision when it comes to radio purchases. Spending just ten minutes browsing the topics listed on this review page will help you choose the right radios for your needs. Whether you're a business user looking for new security radios or a family looking for a set of walkie-talkies for a camping trip, we're here to help.

Explore the sections below to find the information you need to help you make the best decision now. Thinking about growing in the future? We can help. Learn how choosing the right radios today can make it easier down the road to add more handsets to your system. Short on time? If you do not have ten minutes to read through the entire guide, make the first two sections a priority.


Finished the whole and still have questions? We're here to help. Tech Wholesale is a leader in the two-way radio industry and we're always ready to listen to your needs and to make a communication. For questions about a type or class of radio or even a specific voice activated walkie-talkie, give us a call and we'll be happy to help.