Vertex Radios & Walkie Talkies

Learn about Vertex radios, repeaters and other communication devices. Vertex has been making quality two-way radios, repeaters, walkie-talkies and related products since 1956. With the company's track record of more than sixty years, you can be sure that the Vertex standard radios you purchase will do the job and provide you with years' worth of quality service. Knowing exactly which of the many Vertex products to purchase, however, can be difficult. That is where Tech Wholesale comes in. We'll put our expertise in radio communication to use for you so that you can get the radios and walkie-talkies you need at a competitive price.

Here at Tech Wholesale, we have been selling two-way radios for more than two decades. We have plenty of firsthand experience working with customers of all kinds and with all different manner of communication needs. This helps us provide our buyers with the proper Vertex repeaters, radios, walkie-talkies, and other communication accessories that are uniquely suited to each customer's particular requirements. Contact us today and you'll see why so many people come to us when they want to purchase two-way radios for home or business use.

You can get Vertex radio products that operate on the UHF frequency, the VHF frequency and digitally. The right one for your company depends largely on your facilities and your needs. Take our Two-Way Radio Survey to discover the best two-way radio for your application. Vertex VHF products are best for outdoor use, so they are favorites with park rangers, outdoor event planners, parking lot security attendants, and more. The VHF Vertex two-way radio products have waves that can travel a great distance, but they do not penetrate through solid objects well, which is why they are best for outdoor applications. UHF radios are much better than VHF options for indoor use, as the waves from these walkie-talkies and other products easily penetrate walls, elevators, floors, doors and much more. Thus, UHF radios are popular with indoor security, maintenance workers, cleaning crews, restaurants, warehouse crews and so many others. Digital Vertex radios such as the EVX-530 series operate via UHF or VHF, but they feature a much longer battery life and produce clearer lines of communication.

Whether you need one Vertex walkie-talkie set or you are looking for hundreds of radios, the most important thing about portable radios is buying the proper products for your specific needs. After all, mobile radios are a key investment in business efficiency and in keeping all your employees connected, and if you pick the wrong radios, you will not benefit from the communication devices as much as you could. That is why we recommend that you browse our selection of Vertex radios carefully and consult us for a professional consultation. Our associates are fully equipped to help you shop for the right radio product and make sure you buy the right radio the first time. We've helped hundreds of clients and individuals, so you can trust us to provide you with the best guidance available.

Our Vertex radio catalog features low prices and the devices that you need to keep all of your employees communicating well. Contact us today for more information on any of the radios and other communications equipment that we sell online.