Motorola RDV2020 Product Overview

Motorola RDV2020 2-Channel, 2-Watt VHF Radio This model has been discontinued and replaced by current models found in our Motorola business radios section. Here is some of the information we had on this old model:

NOTE: VHF and UHF radios will not communicate with each other. VHF Radios are for outdoor-only use. For any indoor use, you should choose UHF radios (unless you are currently using VHF and want to match up).

Motorola RDV2020 Two-way VHF Radio

  • VHF band, 2-Watts, 2 Channels, 27 Business exclusive frequencies: 150.8 -160MHz.
  • Transmit across 220,000 sq. ft and up to 13 floors!
  • 122 privacy codes help to provide signal clarity and privacy! 83 digital privacy codes combine with 39 analogue privacy codes for maximum interference elimination.
  • Advanced Voice Activation (VOX) with 3 sensitivity levels enables convenient, hands-free communication, when used with accessories sold separately.
  • Easily program your RDV2020 yourself using your PC with Motorola's Customer Programming Software** (free for download). The Motorola RDV2020 is usability simplified to a 2-channel knob and a Tri-color LED interface. The LED interface shows you the exact status of your radio at a glance. If you don't need bells and whistles, the RDV2020 is a simple radio that requires no advanced training for your employees or your boating buddies. It's easy to program feature settings yourself using your own PC and Motorola's Customer Programming Software (CPS**) and even easier to clone them from radio to radio using one (optional, sold separately) cloning cable. The cloning cables duplicates settings between radios in a matter of seconds! CPS** software provides an assortment of user friendly features like Reverse Burst (filters out unwanted noise), Radio Reporting for management of radio profiles and cloning, PL/DL defeat, Manager Lock, Power Select (in increments of .5-Watts, conserves battery) and two Time-out Timers. To program your two-way radio using your PC, you'll need a Customer Programming Software cable (optional, sold separately) Other RDV2020 radio features include: auto-scan, radio mic gain, accessory mic gain, scan and scan list, battery save and low battery indicator. If you're taking your RDV2020 out on a boat or using it in the rough and tumble environment of a campsite, don't worry. The RDV2020 is water resistant and built using a metal die-cast chassis housed in a polycarbonate overmold. It's no toy. Rated IP54/55, the RDV2020 can withstand high-powered jets of water and complies with military specifications for water, dust, shock, vibration and temperature. (US military specs 810 C, D, E, F). It can hold out through temperatures as low as -20F and as high as 140F -- You're likely to cry uncle way before the RDV2020 does. The RDV 2020 also holds conversations you can hear in loud environments. Motorola went for gold with their RDX two-way radio series. The RDV 2020 is 30% louder than walkie-talkies in the XTN and AV series. Motorola went back to the lab and came out with adjusted RF specifications, enhanced magnetic field reduction and augmented noise reduction. Plus, RDX series two-way radios carry an output of 2000mW over the 500mW of older models. Add 122 interference eliminator codes (83 digital, 39 analogue) to the 27 VHF frequencies for the Motorola RDV2020 and you're sure to get through loud and clear . For flexible battery and charger options, the Motorola comes standard with a RLN6352 Lithium Ion battery that lasts up to 12 hours on a single charge. If you want longer battery life out of one charge, the upgrade battery is the RLN 6308 Ultra High Capacity Li-ion battery which holds a charge for up to 26 hours when used with the 2-Watt RDV2020 radio. You'll receive a drop-in charging tray and wall adapter in the box when you order your RDV2020 2-way radio. However, if you're looking to simultaneously charge and clone settings for multiple units, Techwholesale offers a 6-unit multi-charger at a great price. Extra benefits are that your walkie-talkies stay put when they're all stored in one charger -- no more running around hollerin' "I want my RDVeeeee!" To get charged in a hurry, purchase a 2-hour rapid charger kit for quicker turnaround.

What comes in the box:

  • One Motorola RDX Series RDV2020 Two-way Radio
  • Standard Lithium Ion Battery (stays charged for up to 12 hours)
  • Wall Adapter Charger
  • Drop-in Charging Tray
  • Belt Clip
  • User's Guide
  • RDV 2020 Safety Sheet
  • One Year Warranty
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    Feature Highlights:
  • Keep your conversations to yourselves with 3 voice inversion scramble settings.
  • Radio and accessory mic gain features.
  • 3 audible call alert tones.
  • Battery save features conserves your charge.
  • 2-pin accessory connector with captive cover.
  • Requires an FCC Business License.
  • Compatible with XTN two-way radio frequencies and privacy codes and XTN accessories. Who should use the RDV2020 2-way Radio? Businesses and outdoorsy types who need a simple, solid VHF walkie-talkie at an affordable price. Emphasis on VHF for the outdoors, remember?!! Small Farms: Dawn ‘til dusk and then some, there's always something to do on your small farm. Soil to prepare, crops to plant and harvest, animals to feed and water. You can't do it on your own and the best way to coordinate with your farm hands is the quick and easy Push-to-Talk of Motorola RDV2020 walkie-talkies. Just don't let the pigs get a hold of ‘em! Boating Enthusiasts!: VHF waves are used exclusively in marine communication because they are longer and stay close to the surface. For that reason, they can travel greater distances across water on less power. The RDV2020 offers simplicity of use that lets you teach younger or new first mates in a flash. It's perfect for a pretty day on the lake! Hunters: In addition to their utility in marine communications, the longer VHF waves penetrate trees and foliage native to most hunting situations better than UHF. The RDV2020 can be set to operate in silent mode and offers a vibracall, silent vibration call alert, for ninja moments when stealth is required. Fishing: Make a nice relaxing day out on the water, safer with an RDV2020. You can radio back to shore - even when you're way out - or talk to your buddy's to see what's biting where. Upgrade to the Ultra Capacity battery and you can stay out there for ages - or at least 26 hours on one charge when used with a 2-Watt radio. Car Clubs: Out on the open road, a VHF two-way radio like the RDV2020 goes the distance. Radio to your fellow automobile enthusiasts about the sights and the bathroom break opportunities, coordinate stops or just brag about how smooth she handles. Campers: If you're using your walkie-talkies mostly outdoors, an RDV2020 makes for a great campmate. Before you get settled there's a lot of scouting, gear hauling and setting up to do. A two-way radio lets you coordinate all that with the push of a button. Once you're dug in, those holding down the camp can radio out to the explorers when dinner's ready or they can radio back with their findings like a good swimming hole! * Coverage will vary based on terrain, conditions and the radio model used. ** CPS is available as free download. Windows(r) XP, Windows 2000 compatible, separate USB cable required. Motorola RDV2020 User Guide