Two-Way Radios for Businesses

Used in a variety of settings by emergency and non-emergency personnel, professional two way radios make up an essential component of business communication the world over. If you're looking to meet your business and even your non-business requirements for keeping people talking to one another, you should trust only a dealer with extensive experience in providing the best professional walkie-talkies and radios at the most competitive prices. When you shop for professional and business radios at, you'll get the expertise in professional communication that you have been looking for, and prices that businesses of any size can afford.

Professional 2 way radios are not merely a collection of products that we carry in our online store. In a real sense, they are our passion. We don't want to be only a dealer in radios but also the provider of the most helpful service for your communication needs in the industry. Since 1997, we have helped clients including hospitals, EMTs, police forces, the Walt Disney Company, and many others buy the most appropriate professional 2 way radio devices and accessories for their uses, and we want to put that experience to use for you. As both a Motorola Authorized Two-Way Radio Dealer and a Kenwood ProTalk Dealer, we are officially recognized for our ability to represent the top features of the products manufactured by the leaders in the professional two way radio industry. When you talk to our associates, you are not getting mere salespeople but individuals who have the training and education necessary to answer all your radio needs and questions.

Companies and individuals that are looking for professional two way radios are often interested in push-to-talk communication. Such radios are handy for police and other security personnel who need an easy way to communicate with the home base and a device that is always receiving signals without any need to adjust knobs or press buttons. This hands-free operation can often make a significant difference in response times, which is why you will see radios such as the models from the Motorola CLPe series on the belts and clipped to the shirts of law enforcement.

Of course, many others besides law enforcement and other emergency personnel find our professional 2 way radios from Kenwood and Motorola to be the ideal solution for keeping their employees and associates in touch with one another. The hands-free operating capability of the right professional 2 way radio comes in quite handy for workers in warehouses and factories as well. Hoteliers will often purchase multiple professional two way radio devices and accessories for their staff so that they can update the cleaning crew immediately when a guest needs something, or so that the maintenance staff is in constant contact with the superintendent. These walkie-talkies are also great for sales floors during busy retail seasons, allowing workers to communicate immediately with management or the back room so as to give customers the fastest and most direct attention.

We are confident that you will be pleased with your online order of professional 2 way radios from Browse our product listings and contact us today for assistance with your professional radio and walkie-talkie purchase.