Industrial Two Way Radios

The economy relies on industrial manufacturers to churn out products and keep supply even with ever-growing consumer demand. This is made far easier with reliable communication on the factory floor. 

But with the large number of industrial walkie-talkies out there, how can you find the radio that perfectly meets your needs and budget? 

Luckily, you’ve landed on the internet’s premier resource for industrial two-way radios. At Tech Wholesale, we keep the manufacturing industry in constant communication by providing the very best Motorola and Kenwood walkie-talkies that can take a beating and keep on working. 

But the perfect radio for one factory might be completely wrong for another. Different industrial complexes have different needs and goals. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide on the best industrial walkie-talkies on the market today.

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What Should You Look for in an Industrial Walkie-Talkie?

There are many things you should look for in an industrial walkie-talkie. If you just bought the first device with a cool name that you came across, you might wind up with a radio that’s not physically strong enough to withstand the rigors of factory life. Its range could be too weak or even too strong, causing you to waste money.

Here are some important factors to look into before selecting your industrial walkie-talkie. 


To survive the hazards of factory life, your radio will have to be durable. 

Look for military-grade hardware that can withstand immersion, dust contamination, shock, and blunt force. Many of the radios on this list are built to withstand a battlefield and meet several military specifications. 


Depending on the size of your factory, you’re going to need a radio that can communicate over large distances. When it comes to range, it’s not just about making sure you have enough; it’s also about making sure you’re not paying for too much. 

Sure, larger manufacturing plants will need a lot of range, but smaller sites would only waste their budget if they got an ultra-long-range radio. 

Multiple Channels

Manufacturing plants have many moving parts (literally) and a lot of different departments, all working together to make the process as smooth as possible. 

Nothing can derail efficiency faster than having to hear conversations that you’re not a part of. That’s why it’s important to have multiple channels on your radios to segment the staff and be sure that you’re only communicating with the people who need to hear what you’re saying. 

The Best Industrial Walkie-Talkies

Motorola Curve

Manufacturing industries can get a lot of use from the Motorola Curve two-way radio. This device was developed for the worlds of retail, hospitality, and restaurants, but it’s also a great choice for factories. It was built to withstand punishment and has many great features that make it a perfect fit for manufacturing plants.

The device is digital and runs on a 900 MHz ISM band. Because it’s a digital radio, no FCC license fees are required. 

Indoors, you’ll have a range of 300,000 square feet. That’s the equivalent of 20 floors, which is more than enough space to cover most manufacturing plants. 

You’re also getting a great battery life of 11.5 hours. That’s perfect for covering the entire workday, no matter what shifts your team is pulling.

With the Curve, you’re getting a quality stand-alone device that provides radio-to-radio communication. But you’re also getting a device that can connect to Wi-Fi systems, which unlocks more functionality. This includes voice command processing that runs through the cloud. 

Another great feature of the Curve is the ability to send private voice messages to specific handsets. That means you’ll be able to send messages without disrupting operations.

Finally, this is a device that will be able to withstand some punishment. It has an IP5X rating for low-pressure water and dust resistance. The Curve has been tested to meet military durability specifications to survive factory life.

Motorola TLK100

The Motorola TLK100 is a unique device that can serve multiple manufacturing plants in different states simultaneously. That’s because it has a range that covers the entire continental United States. Someone in your Denver plant can communicate with someone in a New York plant at the push of a button. 

How does it do this? It’s a digital radio that runs on a 4G LTE cellular network. If you can get cell phone service in an area, you can use this radio. But it’s not only limited to cell reception. Some manufacturing plants might be areas with poor reception, so the radio can connect to Wi-Fi to provide a crystal clear connection. 

What’s more, smartphones with the Motorola WAVE OnCloud mobile app installed will be able to communicate with TLK-100 handsets. 

The Motorola TLK-100 is ready for factory life. It meets MIL-STD C, D, E, and F spec ratings and the MIL 810G Standard. It holds up to high and low temperatures, low-pressure environments, dust blowing, solar radiation, temperature shock, vibration, shock, and immersion.

Motorola TLK150

If you have a fleet of vehicles that travel between your various manufacturing plants, you should consider the Motorola TLK150. It’s a vehicle-mounted device with the same national range as the Motorola TLK-100.

Like the hand-held version, it’s also powered by a 4G-LTE cellular network. That means its range extends to the entire continental United States. 

The TLK-150 is ideal for truck drivers who will be delivering materials all over the country. Drivers will easily access the radio while remaining focused on the road. 

You can incorporate various Motorola TLK-150 accessories to make this experience completely hands-free. Simply purchase a foot-operated PTT button and visor-mounted microphone that your driver can use while keeping their hands firmly on the wheel.

You’ll never have to worry about where your vehicles are either, thanks to the radio’s built-in GPS tracking system.

The TLK-150 is composed of military-grade hardware. It’s designed to meet MIL-STD 810 standards for temperature, pressure, shock, radiation, dust, immersion, rain, and vibration. 

Motorola RDU4160d

The Motorola RDU4160d is a powerful UHF device with four watts of oomph. If you have a large factory with a lot of activity, this could be the ideal industrial walkie-talkie for you. 

The RDU4160d has 16 different channels that you can use to segment your factory staff. No one will ever be bothered by irrelevant messages again, and efficiency will be maintained at a high level. 

This device has an impressive indoor range of 30 floors, equating to 350,000 square feet. However, if your manufacturing plant is even bigger than this, the radio is repeater capable. That means with a separately purchased repeater, you can double its range.

This is one of the most durable radios on the market, made from a metal die-cast chassis wrapped in a polycarbonate overmold. The device can withstand a full-on blast from a fire hose and keep working. 

It also meets IP-54/55 ratings, along with MIL-STD 810 C, D, E, and F standards. That means the RDU4160d can withstand shock, extreme temperatures, and vibration without breaking. 

At a Glance: What’s the Difference Between These Radios?

Motorola Curve

  • Band: 900 MHz ISM Band (No FCC License Fee)
  • Power: 
  • Channels: 10
  • Weight: 5.11 oz
  • Dimensions: 4.55” x 1.87” x 0.95”
  • Outdoor range: Reliable communication for 1-2 miles
  • Indoor range: 300,000 square feet (20 Floors)

Motorola TLK100

  • Band: 4G LTE (Cell-tower connection)
  • Power:
  • Channels: 8-96 channels
  • Weight: 5.86 ounces
  • Dimensions: 5.17 x 2.31 x 0.87 inches
  • Outdoor range: Nationwide
  • Indoor range: Nationwide

Motorola TLK150

  • Band: 4G LTE (Cell-tower connection)
  • Power:
  • Channels: 1-96 channels
  • Weight: 1.41 lbs
  • Dimensions: 6.6 x1.7 x 3.7 inches
  • Outdoor range: Nationwide
  • Indoor range: Nationwide

Motorola RDU4160d

  • Band: 438 to 470 MHz UHF Band
  • Power: 4 Watts
  • Channels: 16 Channels
  • Weight: 5.11 oz
  • Dimensions: 2.2 x 4.5 x 1.6 inches
  • Outdoor range: Reliable communication for 2-3 miles
  • Indoor range: 350,000 square feet (30 Floors)
  • Repeater Capable
  • Metal die-cast chassis that comes wrapped in a polycarbonate overmold

Which Industrial Walkie-Talkie Do You Need?

In the following section, we’re breaking down these radios by function to help you make an informed decision that will benefit your specific business. 

The Best Industrial Radio for a Small Plant

Small manufacturing plants and warehouses should seriously consider the Motorola Curve. Its ability to connect to Wi-Fi signals can be a serious benefit to any plant, and its range of 20 floors is perfect for small to medium-sized operations. 

On top of that, it’s a durable military-grade device that was built to withstand battlefields. A factory isn’t going to throw anything too intense at the Motorola Curve.

The Best Industrial Radio for Multiple Plants

If you have multiple plants spread out over a large area — even in other states — you can connect them all using the Motorola TLK100

This radio runs off of a cell phone network and allows you to communicate flawlessly whether you’re three or 3,000 miles away from the person you’re trying to reach — like an emergency repair technician.

The TLK-100 can withstand extreme temperatures, low-pressure environments, dust, solar radiation, temperature shock, vibration, shock, and immersion.

The Best Industrial Radio for Industrial Vehicles

Industrial businesses with vehicle fleets should consider the Motorola TLK150, which is able to flawlessly communicate with the handheld TLK100 radios. This allows drivers to easily touch base with in-house personnel. It runs off of a 4G LTE network and can communicate anywhere within the continental United States. 

Additionally, each radio comes equipped with a GPS function that allows you to track it no matter where it might go. 

The Best Industrial Radio for Large Plants

Large plants need a true powerhouse radio. That’s why we recommend a device like the Motorola RDU4160d.

With a range of 30 floors and 16 channels, this four-watt UHF device can handle factories and teams of all sizes. On top of that, this is one of the toughest radios on the market. Your staff will be able to work with confidence, knowing that the military-grade radio is protected against shock, extreme temperatures, and more.

Want to Learn More?

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