Radios or Cell Phones

Radios or Cell Phones - When radios will definitely save you more.

Why would someone use two-way radios over cell phones?

Location! Location! Location! Cell phones just don't work everywhere. Dead zones, breaking up: no bars, means no talking. This is not so with two-way radios. As long as you're in range of your party, you're in communication.

With walkie-talkies there are no contracts, no fees, no monthly bill! Two-way radios are easy to use and come with loads of handy features. They also come with parts and labor warranties. Motorola offers a 1-year replacement warranty for defects. Your typical cell phone warranty lasts 90 days. There's no dialing individual numbers, with two-way radios you just push to talk! You can reach everyone in an instant with a walkie-talkie and that can be critical in an emergency. Using some two-way radios' "selective calling" features, you're able to choose to speak with certain groups of people or even privately with one person. With walkie-talkies, you get the best of both worlds.

Two-way radios rated to military specifications and/or intrinsically safe intrinsically safe go where cell phones can't, including dusty, dirty, wet, or combustible environments.

When disaster strikes, cell phone networks become overloaded fast. Two-way radios ensure you have access to information and communication when others don't. Having two-way radios around can keep your family safe and your business in operation when everything else goes south.


Two-way radio communication brings a whole host of benefits to businesses. When your employees use walkie-talkies, you're just a push-to-talk button away from the back of the warehouse where you can instantly access needed information or call in an extra pair of hands. You'll see: Suddenly work becomes so much easier when you don't have to make that extra trip!

However, if you're tempted to cut corners with a consumer grade radio, you should review that choice and think twice before spending your money. Walkie-talkies tailored for business are built to take a heavier beating than radios designed for 'occasional use.' Business walkie-talkies broadcast on more channels, come with more advanced features, and are engineered for the higher sound quality needed in work environments. Business grade radios typically last through years of daily use. Durability is what makes Business Radios less expensive than FRS radios in the long run, because they are built to last, while other models (designed just a step above toys) wear out quickly with regular use.

Two-way radios streamline operations, so your business builds its reputation on quick and convenient customer service. Booming business means big bottom lines. When you reduce employee hours and overhead, your bottom line grows increases even more.

Let help you choose the right two-way radios to make that happen. Take 5 minutes to answer questions about your radio use and this tool will show you the best radios for your setting: Which two-way radio is right for me? Radios for recreation camping, hunting, fishing, boating, four-wheeling in dirt or snow and much more make outdoor fun easy! Walkie-talkies tailored to the sporting life offer features like weather reports, compasses and stopwatches, making walkie-talkies more than just tools to talk.

Two-way radios work well indoors too! Teens on the hunt for the perfect prom dress can radio back to mom for the plastic when the target has been acquired. Parents can sit back and relax wherever they choose while the kids tire themselves out.

Walkie-talkies help keep track of the troops just about anywhere. They're perfect for finding friends at jazz festivals, ball games or amusement parks, or rounding up the kids when dinner is ready. Family Radios are so simple even the little ones can use them, so you feel better knowing they're within reach.

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