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Information - Motorola Curve Digital Radio

Juggling a busy retail store, restaurant, or hotel? Dropped calls, unclear messages, and unreliable radios can cost you time, money, and even customers.

But what if there was a communication solution that cuts through the noise and keeps your team connected, efficient, and in control? Introducing the Motorola Curve (DLR1110), the advanced walkie-talkie designed to revolutionize the way you communicate.

Radio Features - Brief Overview

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Combining radio-based push-to-talk with Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Versatile Coverage: 10 channels, 300,000 sq. ft. range, 20-floor capability.
  • Powerful Performance: 1.0 Watt Output Power, Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery, Drop-In Charger.
  • Smart Features: Direct Call, Private Reply, Call All, Page All, Virtual Assistant, Voicemail, and more.
  • Seamless Integration: Wi-Fi/LMR Capable with compatibility across DLR and DTR Series Radios.
  • Rugged Design: IP5X Rating, MIL-STD 810C, D, E, F, G, H for durability in real-world environments.
  • User-Friendly: Large PTT Button, Voice Activation, Programmable Button, and PC Configurability.

Why Choose the Motorola Curve?

The Motorola Curve is more than just a radio; it's a sophisticated communication solution designed to streamline workplace connectivity.

With advanced features like Wi-Fi and a Voice Assistance Button, Curve offers a seamless blend of traditional push-to-talk and modern communication capabilities.

Voice Assistant at Your Command

Curve's Voice Assistance Button (VAB) unlocks a realm of convenience. Log in and out with ease, initiate direct or group radio calls through voice commands, and send/receive voicemails effortlessly. Accessible via a subscription, the Voice Assistant enhances efficiency and ensures a hands-free experience.

Seamless Integration of Wi-Fi and Push-to-Talk

The Curve radio merges radio-based push-to-talk with Wi-Fi for unbeatable reliability.

Traditional radio frequencies handle communication, while Wi-Fi powers advanced features like the Voice Assistant and data analytics. Say goodbye to communication concerns, even in challenging Wi-Fi environments.

Curve Portal for Efficient Management

Designed for retailers, the Curve Portal offers hierarchical management for stores and resellers. Utilizing Wi-Fi capabilities, it provides real-time performance indicators and metrics, enhancing radio and personnel productivity tracking.

Designed for Retail, Built for Success

The Curve DLR110 is the next generation of business communications, tailored for retail environments. Its ergonomic design, anti-microbial shell, and durable construction ensure it can withstand the demands of the real world.

Advanced Wi-Fi Functionality with Curve Portal

To unlock the full potential of advanced Wi-Fi features, there is a subscription to the Motorola Curve Portal.

Configure the Virtual Voice Assistant, set up radio names, departments, and messaging. Software hooks can be developed for custom voice functions, creating a tailored communication solution for your workplace.

Subscription Flexibility

While the Curve DLR110 doesn't require a subscription for basic two-way radio functionality, the subscription to the Curve Portal opens doors to enhanced features and customization. 

The Motorola Curve goes beyond just walkie-talkie functionality

  • Voice assistant: Issue commands like "call security" or "check inventory" hands-free, boosting productivity and safety.
  • Voicemail: Leave messages for team members without interrupting their workflow, perfect for task delegation or quick updates.
  • Frequency hopping: Enjoy secure and private communication with 10,000 unique radio IDs, minimizing interference and eavesdropping.
  • Durable design: The IP5X-rated housing protects against dust and water, while military-grade testing ensures it thrives in tough environments.

Who benefits most from the Motorola Curve

  • Retail: Coordinate sales staff, manage stock, and ensure customer satisfaction with seamless communication across the entire store.
  • Hospitality: Connect housekeeping, front desk, security, and management instantly, enhancing guest experience and operational efficiency.
  • Restaurants: Keep kitchen, wait staff, and management in sync during peak hours, streamlining service and order fulfillment.

Is the Motorola Curve Right for Your Business?

The Motorola Curve was designed with businesses in mind. Specifically, it was created to cater to the world of retail. You’ll be able to communicate with your entire team thanks to the range and Wi-Fi-enabled efficiency of this radio. 

This includes both sales staff out on the floor as well as warehouse or stock room staff and management. 

The Curve is also ideal for hospitality businesses of all kinds. This includes small to medium-sized hotels as well as casinos and large hotels. With a 20-floor range, even some of the largest hotels in major tourist hot spots will be served well by the power of the Motorola Curve. This reliable device can connect you with housekeeping staff, concierge workers, front desk employees, management, valet parking, maintenance, and more, all with the push of a button. 

Restaurants of all sizes will also get a lot of use from this digital two-way radio, including pubs and nightclubs. Its Wi-Fi-enabled features and voice messaging are the perfect fit for busy and bustling restaurant operations. 

What Does TechWholesale Include When You Buy a Motorola DLR1110?

When you purchase the Motorola DLR1110 from TechWholesale, you’re getting a number of items aside from just the radio itself. 

Obviously, the first item you’ll notice in the box is the Motorola Curve Radio handset. The device also comes with a belt holster for ease and convenience and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a lifespan of 10-11 hours per charge. 

You’ll also receive a drop-in tray charger with a power adapter so that you can keep your battery full and your device functioning throughout even the longest workday. 

For informational purposes, you’re also going to receive a quick reference guide and the product safety and RF exposure booklet.

If you have any questions about this or any of the radios available here at Tech Wholesale, contact our customer service department.

What is the Curve Portal?

The Curve Portal is a user management system and license that lets you add both users and devices to your network. It requires an active subscription. It was developed to act as a personnel management services tool. Access to the portal is granted when a user buys the Voice Assistant subscription. Users can then log in via a desktop or mobile device to manage their subscription whenever needed. 

Is Voice Assistant included with the Motorola Curve?

The voice assistance capabilities of this device are separately priced as part of a subscription that does not come included with the Motorola Curve. You will have to sign up for a subscription to use this feature. The subscription is seat-based, wherein a set number of licenses are shared over time through many devices. 

The Curve acts as a traditional stand-alone radio with typical radio-to-radio communication. However, with a “sear license” of just $5 per month, you’re able to get additional functionality, including the voice assistant. 

Does Curve have the same features as other Motorola Solutions business radios?

Curve includes several legacy features that are available on previous Motorola Solutions business radio models. These include the call all or page all available function, private reply and mute. The Curve also brings a number of new features into the world of business radios, including Wi-Fi-enabled voice assistance and custom voice commands.

What is the range or coverage area of the Motorola Curve?

With the Motorola Curve you can expect coverage ranging around 300,000 sqft and 20 floors.

How many channels does the Motorola Curve offer?

The Motorola Curve has 10 channels. How many channels do you need?

**If the radios you are ordering need to communicate with existing radios - please request ‘programming required’ and add the required programming information OR call our support hotline at 800.215.5160 for a walkthrough on how to gather programming information.

Is the Curve compatible with other Motorola radios I may already have?

That entirely depends on the frequencies your current two way radios are operating on. This model of walkie talkie runs on digital and is communication compatible with other digital walkie talkies - like the Motorola DLR1060 or DTR700.

To confirm if your radios are compatible, email us or send us a chat in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Does it come with a warranty, and what does the warranty cover?

These two way radios come with a 2 year replacement warranty. This warranty will cover any defective or malfunctioning walkie talkie. Contact us with any warranty questions!

Where can I request a quote for Motorola Curve?

If you are purchasing radios in bulk - definitely contact us for a quote for special bulk pricing!

What is the battery life of the Motorola Curve, and are there options for extended battery life?

The battery life for the Motorola Curve is 11-12 hours.

For extended battery life, check out the following accessories:

If you have multiple walkie talkies, we highly recommend a 'base station' for your walkie talkies like a multi-unit charger.

Is the Motorola Curve suitable for indoor and outdoor use?

The Motorola Curve operates on Digital frequencies - meaning it would be ideal for indoor and or outdoor use. 

Is the Motorola Curve waterproof or water resistant?

The Motorola Curve is water resistant. If there is moisture in the air, it is no issue. If the walkie talkie is submerged then turn it off and let it dry.

How durable is the Motorola Curve? Is it built to withstand tough environments or weather conditions?

The Motorola Curve meets MIL-SPEC 810 & IP55 Specifications. Simply meaning these are durable and would be recommended for light-to-medium duty use. Walkie talkie recommendations for specific industries

Please view the question above for water resistance levels.

Are there any additional accessories available for this Curve, such as headsets or carrying cases?

There are many accessories for the Curve walkie talkie. View all Curve accessories.

Does the Motorola Curve require an FCC license for use?

The Curve does not require an FCC license.

Find more information from the official FCC website.

Can I use the Motorola Curve in my specific industry?

You can shop walkies talkies for your industry here. Or take our questionnaire to find the perfect two way radio based on your requirements.

The Motorola Curve is recommended for industries like or similar to: retail stores, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, warehouses.

What is the size of the Motorola Curve?

This walkie talkie is generally small/medium sized. The dimensions for the Motorola Curve are 4.55 x 1.87x 0.95.

How is the Voice Assistant & Portal Subscription Structured?

The subscription service is structured to include Seat-Based Licensing. With this form of licensing, a limited number of licenses are shared among a larger number of devices over time. When an authorized user wishes to utilize the service, they can request access via the Curve Portal. If a license is available, it allows connectivity between the service, portal and the Curve device.

Example: A retail store may have 100 Curve Series Radios and a subscription of 25 licenses. In this particular scenario, the retail store may only have a maximum of 25 employees scheduled during any one shift. This scenario is subjective to the retail store operation and preference.

What is the difference between analog and digital walkie talkies?

Learn the difference between digital and analog radios.

Is there customer support available if I encounter any issues with the product?

Here at Tech Wholesale, we pride ourselves on providing the best service and support for our customers. Email us at or call….

To place an order or request a quote, call us at: 888.925.5982

For product technical information and support, please call: 800.215.5160

Manufacturer Help Desks: 

  • Motorola Business Radios - 800-448-6686
  • Motorola Hotline - 1-800-215-5160

Are there any discounts or promotions currently available for the Motorola Curve?

We always have a discount program available! Please contact us at for current discounts and promotions.

Where can I find official Motorola product information about this model?

View information about the Motorola Curve from the official Motorola website.

    Product Specifications

  • Band: 900 MHz ISM Band (no FCC license required)
  • Channels: 10
  • Weight: 5.11 oz
  • Dimensions: 4.55 x 1.87x 0.95
  • Outdoor range*: Reliable communications for 1-2 miles
  • Indoor range*: 300,000 sq.ft / 20 floors
  • Battery lifetime: 11.5 hours


  • Motorola Curve Radio
  • Belt Holster
  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Drop-in Tray Charger with Power Adapter
  • Product Safety and RF Exposure Booklet

    Additional Specifications

  • Military-grade specifications
  • Antimicrobial coating
  • Wi-Fi features require a Motorola Curve Portal subscription
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