What is the difference between the 'Call All Available' and 'Page All Available' two way radio features?

Page All Available

Acts as a one-way announcement to all available radios (users who are not tied up in an ongoing radio conversation) at once

Receivers of 'Page All Available' announcement can only reply with a 'Private Call'.

Example of how Page All Available can be used:

Example 1: An employee in a retail store is looking for anyone (in any of the group radio channels) who can come over to give him a hand in the back room. 

He presses the Top Button (or changes to Page All Available channel), then pushes the PTT button and says: “We need someone to come over to the warehouse to help unload the truck “. 

> >> Whoever is available can Privately Reply him asking more details or confirming they are available. 

Example 2: Anna needs to talk privately John and she is not sure in which channel to find him. It is cumbersome to browse all channels asking for John. 

She speaks in Channel #1 (assigned Page All Available) and asks: “John Smith, are you available?” 

> >> If John is available, he will reply privately (Top Button). If no response is heard, it means he is busy in another radio call or not within the range.

Call All Available

Allows to start a group transmission to anyone not engaged in a call . This creates a Group Call in a temporary “super channel group” with a 4-second group hang time. 

This means that anyone within this super group can respond by simply pushing the PTT – but after 4 seconds of inactivity the group will terminate. 

This is in order to avoid all users to be tied up indefinitely in unnecessary group conversations.

Example of how 'Call All Available' can be used:

An employee in a retail store is trying to see if anyone took the backroom scanner. 

He presses the Top Button, then the PTT button and asks: “Does anybody know who has the backroom scanner?"

Whoever is available in any of the channels can talk back to all the whole group of users (who were tied up in the super-channel group call) and provide information.

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