Portable Two Way Radio

Keep moving on the job and communicating without missing a beat with high performance portable two-way radios.

Smart consumers seeking state-of-the-art communications devices will be delighted to have discovered the Tech Wholesale online store, which stocks the best on the market. We have dozens of top quality, compact, portable two-way radio models, which provide you with crystal clear communication at extended distances. Motorola and Kenwood are well-known for producing equipment that is tough, durable, and with user-friendly operation. We are pleased to offer a variety or portable two-way radio models in sleek designs, colors, and most importantly, at exceptional value for money. Now, you can shop online for what you need, and after secure online payment, have your equipment shipped to your desired location.

Portable two-way radio equipment is used in hundreds of different businesses, from mines to security forces, from building contractors to exploration where prompt communication is vital. You can even invest in a portable two-way radio set for you and your family when you go camping, to stay in touch. You will see some examples where this equipment is used on our website, and the new technology available is excellent when it comes to fabulous features you can enjoy in new models. You can choose equipment with superior distance coverage and accessories like hands-free headphones, extra battery packs and independent microphones. You will also see that we have top quality chargers and extra battery packs available for all portable two-way radio models in stock.

Some people may argue that cellular phones are a better means of communication than portable two-way radio equipment, but they cannot be more wrong. In many areas, there is spotty or non-existent cell phone coverage, and this is where a portable two-way radio set can bridge the gap. On construction sites and for business communication at large facilities, equipment like this is indispensable. For police work and security companies, it is used on a daily basis. On large farms and school campuses, or in hospitals and hospitality institutions, you can stay in touch efficiently using a portable two-way radio. Tech Wholesale is a leading supplier to many individuals and businesses when it concerns top quality equipment manufactured by well-known market name brands.

If you have been looking for the best in technology for compact two-way radio sets, you can check out all the categories we have in the different models, from pocket size to stand alone portable two-way radio equipment, or invest in the models that have a base, with multiple handsets for extended business use. Kenwood Pro talk two-way portable radio models are some of the most popular models because of their compact design, durable materials and user-friendly features. Go mad and enjoy the fabulous promotions we are running, with extra savings of free shipping, and we throw in a free charger for Kenwood models. Stay in touch with great technology while stocks last from Tech Wholesale, and be sure to recommend us to your friends.