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Glossary of Radio Features

You see the features listed on a radios specification sheet - but you have no idea what they mean. Let us break it down for you! Alkaline Battery Backup - Optional Alkaline battery tray available for … read more

What is Companding?

Cutting Through the Static: How to use Companding on your Two Way RadioYou're coordinating a bustling restaurant kitchen, headset buzzing with orders. Suddenly, the crackle of static drowns out the ch … read more

What is an FCC ID?

FCC ID: Your Radio's Legal FingerprintEver looked at your radio and wondered what that string of seemingly random letters and numbers meant? That, my friend, is your FCC ID, and it's more important th … read more

GMRS Radio Power Constraints

GMRS Radio Power: A User-Friendly GuideNavigating the different power levels on your radio can be confusing. Let's break it down!Channels 1-7Think "close companions." These channels are limited to 5 w … read more

How to Program Your Kenwood Two-Way Radio

If you recently invested in a Kenwood Two-Way radio for personal or work use, you'll certainly want to program it before attempting to use it. This Japanese electronics manufacturer produces a very po … read more