The PERFECT Communication Setup for Retail Stores

Efficient communication is key to providing exceptional customer service and boosting operations. The Motorola Curve Ecosystem steps up as the perfect solution, seamlessly connecting staff and customers while offering valuable data insights for smarter decision-making.

Call Buttons Dispatch to Staff Radios

Imagine a customer browsing the aisles, seeking assistance with a product or needing to locate a specific item. With the Motorola Curve Ecosystem, help is just a button press away. 

Strategically placed Wi-Fi Call Buttons (available in four form factors for optimal placement) come equipped with attention-grabbing LED lights to signal customers and staff. 

When a customer presses the button, the Curve Digital Hub, the system's intelligent core, springs into action.

Connecting Customers and Staff Instantly

The Curve Digital Hub doesn't simply receive button presses; it translates them into action. 

Configurable voice alerts are sent directly to Curve, DLR, or DTR radios worn by staff, ensuring the right person receives the call for immediate assistance. 

No more missed calls or frantic staff searches – the Curve Ecosystem prioritizes efficient communication, saving valuable time and improving customer satisfaction.

Data-Driven Insights for Smarter Retail

The Motorola Curve Ecosystem goes beyond immediate communication. Its capabilities extend to data analytics, providing valuable insights into customer behavior and staff performance. By analyzing call patterns and response times, retailers can optimize staffing levels, identify areas requiring focus, and measure the effectiveness of their communication strategies.

Key Features:

  • Universal Compatibility
    • The Curve Digital Hub seamlessly integrates with Curve, DLR, and DTR radios, offering flexibility and scalability for your existing Motorola communication infrastructure.
  • Flexible Call Buttons
    • Choose from four call button designs to perfectly suit your store's layout and customer needs.
  • Visual Cues
    • Attention-grabbing LED lights on the call buttons ensure no request goes unnoticed.
  • Programmable Escalation
    • Set up automated escalation rules to ensure urgent requests receive immediate attention.

Built for the Future: Scalability and Recurring Revenue

The Motorola Curve Ecosystem is designed for long-term value. 

With three years of battery life for the call buttons, over-the-air provisioning for effortless setup, and comprehensive reporting analytics, this solution minimizes ongoing maintenance and maximizes return on investment.

By implementing the Motorola Curve Ecosystem, retail stores can expect to see a multitude of benefits:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Quicker response times and improved communication lead to happier customers and increased loyalty.
  • Operational Efficiency: Data-driven insights optimize staffing, streamline workflows, and boost overall store efficiency.
  • Loss Prevention: Real-time communication facilitates faster response to potential security threats, safeguarding inventory and customers.
  • Recurring Revenue: The Curve Ecosystem's design minimizes maintenance costs and opens doors for upselling additional services and features.

The Motorola Curve Ecosystem is more than just a communication solution; it's a strategic investment in retail success. 

By empowering staff, enriching the customer experience, and unlocking valuable data insights, the Curve Ecosystem paves the way for a more connected, efficient, and profitable future for your retail store.