Kenwood TK-3400U16P Product Overview

This Kenwood TK-3400U16P model has been upgraded to the Kenwood NX-P1302AUK. Please contact us for details.

Product Description

Designed for tough environments, the Kenwood TK3400-U16P puts powerful communication in the palm of your hand. Featuring 16 channels that enable an entire team to communicate simultaneously, as well as Super Lock technology that prevents accidental channel changes, these two-way Kenwood radios are the superior choice for retail, warehouse and construction environments.

Because the Kenwood TK3400-U16P is compatible with Kenwood headsets, it's hands-free capability means that it can transform communication practices inside restaurants and other hospitality environments, as well as medical offices, hospitals and dental practices.

Like all of our Kenwood products, these powerful two-way radios come with high-quality batteries that can be charged in approximately 3 hours by using a specially designed fast charger (included). Equipped with remarkable Voice Annunciation technology that takes the guesswork out of radio communication, along with programmable frequency scramblers that work on each channel, keeping your team in constant contact has never been easier.