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Two Way Radio Accessories: Built for Convenience

Modern radio sets incorporate several technological advances, but you'll still have to take care with selecting the brand and model best for your purposes. When shopping, it's always worthwhile to check on the two way radio accessories offered for each brand and line of radios. Some accessories will improve convenience and help ensure the radios are always ready when you need them. Others will increase functionality and make them a more appropriate choice in different environments. Take a look at some of the common options for two way radio accessories.

Charging Convenience

Multiple charging options are available depending on your choice of radios. With the Motorola RDX line, for instance, you'll have the most durable sets with several power options. The standard Lithium ion battery provides up to 12 hours on a single charge. The lifespan of these batteries is typically two years or longer before charge hold is significantly impaired. The high-capacity battery pack is a premium choice of two way radio accessories. You'll have over 18 hours of power even for 5-watt radios!

A single-unit drop tray with adapter is provided standard with the RDX line. It requires about six hours for a full charge. A multi-unit charger works exactly the same, but you'll have a single tray for up to six units. When you need rapid charging, look for a rapid charger kit in the two way radio accessories category. In two hours or less, you'll have a fully functional radio.

Cloning and Programming

To get the most from your radios, you'll need to use customized settings. Programming radios is a time-consuming task made more so by changing applications. A radio-to-radio cloning cable makes programming much faster. A USB programming cable lets you use software to rapidly establish the appropriate settings.


Some situations require private transmissions. Other times, your team will need hands-free communication and the ability to hear what's going on in the immediate environment. A transducer keeps your hands and ears free without compromising communication. There are many other two way radio accessories, so check on availability of necessary accessories before making a purchase!