Two-Way Radio Grant

Program Details
- The goal of this two-way radio grant is to donate business radios to educational organizations or non-profit causes that may not typically have the budget for such items. - Donation recipients will be selected from to those who have registered by placing a link to the program on the organization's website. - Registration consists of placing a message describing the need for two-way radio communication, as well as this link on the organization's website: Two Way Radio Grant or Two Way Radio Grant

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Help us earn free two-way radios by clicking here -
Two Way Radio Grant

It is essential that this link remain intact so the registration may be tracked and the public may vote for the originating cause. It is recommended that the registration remain on the site for as long as possible since Tech Wholesale hopes to continue this program indefinitely and awards will be given on a monthly basis. Promoting your entry will help your cause. - Donation awards will be granted on a monthly basis and will consist of approximately $1,000 MSRP worth or two-way radios. - Since this is an ongoing, month-to-month donation program, this program will be posted on the recipient site for as long as they wish to remain eligible. - Award winners will be notified and posted upon selection. - No purchase is necessary. Nor will any prior purchase be a factor in donation awards. - Awards will be granted based upon a variety of variables including the combination of proper registration, number of views obtained through the registration link/system and the subjective nature of the description attached to the registration link. Judging of the entries is solely at the discretion of Tech Wholesale. Award decisions are final. - The donated radio models and the recipient of the award will be chosen solely at the discretion of Tech Wholesale. - The donation program may cease without notice at any time and for any reason at Tech Wholesale's sole discretion. - By submitting an entry, each person or organization represents that the information contained in the entry is true and correct and that the sponsor may rely on such information in its efforts to award donations fairly. - Any Products sold or donated to school districts should not be used by minors in connection with their school activity. - Registration for this donation implies agreement to the stated rules and details governing the grant. - Each award winner accepts that names of award winning organizations may be used in print, broadcast or used worldwide in any media now known or hereafter developed, including but not limited to, the Internet and world wide web. - Each eligible registrant may receive only one award.