Walkie Talkie Size

Walkie-Talkie Size - Selecting the right dimensions and weight.

What size walkie-talkie should I get for my business?

In an office or the middle of a hectic event, you've got enough to juggle without throwing in a big, bulky walkie-talkie. Fortunately, traditional two-way radios come in sizes as small as 5.8" with weights of 4.6 oz and the surprisingly small Motorola CLPe series radios weigh in at a mere 2.38 oz and stand 3.5 x 2.0 x .75. That's the catch with the smaller models: reducing antenna and transmitter size requires some compromises in range. If you're working in a medical or dental office, a restaurant, retail store, hotel, on a photo shoot, or catering an event where you don't require a lot of range; small two-way radios offer the perfect solution.