Motorola CLS Series Product Overview

Pump up workplace efficiency with the super-compact power of Motorola CLS two-way radios. Their small size means they can be inconspicuously worn on a uniform, and they're designed to be used with earpieces for discreet, private communications.

Lightweight and easy to use, Motorola CLS series radios and walkie-talkies are found on the job in many different industries. Here at Tech Wholesale, we carry a full complement of Motorola CLS radio products and accessories to help you improve your business communication, better your customer service, and become more efficient and effective.

If you are looking merely for a retailer, then you have come to the wrong place. While we are happy to sell you the radio you want with no questions asked, we recommend that you take advantage of our knowledgeable associates when you turn to us for your radio needs. "Anybody" can sell radios, but it takes a special company to put the needs of its customers first and to really understand both them and the product so that customers make the right purchase every time. Tech Wholesale is that company, and our extensive list of clients from every industry shows that we really do know what we are talking about when it comes to radios and walkie-talkies.

When it is time to choose between the CLS1110 and the CLS1410, you should know that they both have a similar range of service. You can talk to someone up to five miles away on these radios, and this is why they are popular with the military and others whose associates are routinely separated from one another by miles. The only significant difference between the two radios is in the number of channels each offers. The CLS 110 from the Motorola CLS series only has one channel, which makes it fine for businesses that do not need to keep some of their radio communication away from some of their workers. The CLS 1410 will cost more, but there is greater versatility when it comes to choosing who gets to hear what.

When you buy your Motorola CLS radio, don't forget a multi-unit charger that will keep your entire fleet of devices powered up and usable whenever you need them. We're here to help you get the best radios and we want to meet your radio needs. Contact us today for assistance with all your two-way radio questions.