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Improve your Business with the Motorola CLS1110 Two-Way Radio

Two-way communication helps businesses reduce the productivity losses inherent in passing messages and delayed information sharing. In the past, technology for two-way communication suffered from a lack of range. The only options available from leading manufacturers were large, bulky units for heavy-duty use, or lightweight units incapable of programming and ill-equipped for the rigors of daily commercial use.

The Motorola CLS1110 bridges the gap between heavy industrial/military radios and home or outdoors use. This radio is built specifically for light commercial use and rapid turnover in users. Single watt units provide a range of five miles over unobstructed outdoor space. Indoor use spans 200,000 square feet with a depth penetration of 15 floors. Several features make the Motorola CLS1110 a perfect choice for caterers, event coordinators, medical offices, dealerships, churches, surveyors, and retail outlets.

Feature Highlights

This radio is light and compact. It weighs in at just under five ounces and measures just over four inches high with antennae. The dual pin jack is included for attachment to accessories, such as remote speaker phone, the discrete earpiece and microphone, and swivel headsets. The Motorola CLS1110 is specially designed for use with no training necessary. One channel sets mean that users need only push a button for instant communication.

The small size makes it possible to drop the radio in your pocket or bag without any loss of capacity. Screen lock prevents spontaneous changes to the unit settings due to jostling in a bag.


A common concern for purchasers is that radio sets won't transmit reliably in noisy environments. Motorola uses a unique feature to overcome this besides choice of accessories. 121 interference elimination codes are available for both digital and analogue noise reduction.

One watt usage allows the light battery pack to last over 12 hours. The Motorola CLS1110 is compatible with AAA batteries. This is particularly useful with unpredictable downtimes. Desktop charging stations are available for single or multiple units, and a rapid charge pack reduces the necessary downtime dramatically. Light commercial applications benefit from two-way communications. The Motorola CLS1110 provides a feature-rich and reliable platform.