Low Price Guarantee

Our prices are the absolute lowest you will find anywhere. In fact, in the off chance that you happen to find a legitimate lower price elsewhere, we'll credit your purchase for 110% of the difference immediately.

If you are just now placing an order, and happen to find a better price - including shipping charges, just do so normally. Then, place the price and location of the other price in the comment section of your order form. Should you happen to find a lower total price, including shipping, from another retailer within 24 hours of your purchase, simply send us proof of the offer (loss-leader and m.a.p. items excepted).

The item will need to have a legitimate, lower price (including shipping) and be available for delivery immediately. The retailer must be legitimate, and not a fly-by-night or refurbished item reseller. To send proof, either fax a flier from a retailer, or e-mail the exact URL address of the item (not just the home page). Shipping costs must also be included. We'll then issue a credit for 110% of the difference towards your next purchase.