Motorola Registration and Updated Product Information

Motorola's replacement warranty is unheard of. To take advantage of it it is essential that you ask your webmaster to place a this link on your company website: Two Way Radio Registration

This will allow you and your employees to register their radios and have access to important, regularly updated information on the radios you use. You will want to place this link on your company site within 30 days and notify employees who use the radios of your new link. To protect your two-way radios and allow for a complete replacement under warranty, you will need to register the radios with the information provided when your radios were delivered. By registering the radios, they will be fully protected under Motorola's warranty.

Register Radios for Warranty The following information and brochures will be updated regularly.
So, please place a this link to this page on your company website.

CLS Series User Guide

XTN Series User Guide

CLS Series Specifications

 CLS Series Full Line

 FCC License Information for Business Radios

Two Way Radio Comparison Chart


Current rebates may be found here:

Motorola Rebates

For issue with your radios, you may contact our help desks:

Motorola Family Radios - 800-353-2729

Motorola Business Radios - 800-448-6686