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The Motorola RDU2020 Keeps Up with your Job

Keeps Up with Your Job

Two-way communication is a powerful solution for reducing labor costs and increasing security. The Motorola RDU2020 provides a rugged platform for business communications in many environments. The radio is constructed for many types of environmental interference, including gusting rain and dust, vibration and shock, and salt infiltration. Temperature extremes are not a problem either. The radio sets are rated for 140F to -22F. A die-cast chassis is surrounded by shock-absorbent polycarbonate housing.

Besides rugged construction making the Motorola RDU2020 useful in most environments, specifications and features suggest its use across several business sectors. Learn more about the specifications and standard features of this and other Motorola radios before making a selection, or you may contact the professionals at for advice and customized options.

Standard Specifications

Two watts of power make communication easy across 250,000 square feet, including vertical communication across 20 floors. At maximum power, the battery charge lasts for about 26 hours. Eliminator codes can be added for enhanced protection against noise interference. Motorola makes two watts of speaker power a standard feature for communications in a busy environment. After all, it is not always possible or desirable to leave a crowded area to change locations for effective communication.

General features include auto scans and scan lists, low battery LEDs, a tri-color LED interface, radio microphone gain, and connections for the accessory microphone gain.

Customizing Motorola Radios

DIY software is available for free download. The Customer Programming Software and cable is necessary to access many advanced features of special importance for business. It allows radio profile management by the tech team or owner, the reverse burst for more effective noise elimination, Manager Locks on one or more sets, and incremental reduction in power use for longer battery life.

Options for the Motorola RDU2020

Multi-unit chargers and cloners are available for easy management of a fleet. Rapid chargers are also available to reduce downtime. More powerful batteries are a good choice for security rotations where it isn't possible to regularly remove the radios from circulation. Any business needing heavy-duty, mobile communications should consider the Motorola RDU2020 and other Motorola options.