Radio Durability

Radio Durability - Make the right choice for your setting.

What kind of radio should I get for my construction business?

Some two-way radios get into more trouble than others. Employees drop them onto concrete warehouse floors, into mud at job sites, and in the snow during a ski trip! When durable radios are a concern, look for two-way radios in the "brick" format that don't feature a digital display. Brick format is usually the best choice when you know the radios will be treated roughly. Please note that brick format radios may still be used with similar radios that use a display. Often, construction workers and forklift drivers, for instance, might get a brick format radio, while the supervisor might use a digital display for channel-changing convenience. The brick format also makes the radio simpler to use, as there are no displays or additional information.

Radios built to military specifications are rated for dust, shock, and moisture, and they can handle their business under harsh conditions. Two-way radios that are intrinsically safe rated 'intrinsically safe' are designed not to ignite in combustible environments.

Most radios come with a belt holster. To increase the life of any walkie-talkie, consider carrying it in a high-end protective case. Clearing Up Confusion: Channels, Frequencies and "Privacy Codes" The terms channel and frequency are often used interchangeably, even by the FCC. This can get confusing. Be sure to read the sections below for clear definitions that will ensure you make the right choice and that you understand how to use your new two-way radios.