Kenwood TK 3160 Radios Product Overview

Note: The Kenwood TK-3160 radio has been discontinued. See the current Kenwood ProTalk models.

You don't want to trust just any radio manufacturer to meet your communication needs, and that is why you should consider Kenwood two-way radios. One of the most popular of the Kenwood radios is the Kenwood TK-3160 radio, which continues to serve professional and casual users well even though Kenwood has discontinued it in favor of newer models such as the TK-3360. Still, the TK-3160 from Kenwood may be the right product for you, and you might already own one. If so, you will need accessories or 3160 radios for your home or business. We can help you find the best Kenwood products and other two-way radios for your needs here at Tech Wholesale.

We are a Kenwood ProTalk Dealer because Kenwood has recognized us for our superior customer service, competitive pricing, and knowledge of their products. At Tech Wholesale, our philosophy is to be more than just an online retailer. We also want to be an educator and help people understand the radios and walkie-talkies they are buying. We offer individualized service to each of our customers whether you are in the market for a Kenwood TK-3160 or any other radio product. Our goal is to give you what you need and not simply what we want you to buy.

The sixteen channels of the Kenwood TK-3160 radio allow you to customize your radio for particular uses. Set up private channels for communication with other managers and use common channels to get news and updates to all your employees no matter where they are in your store. Use the UHF settings indoors because UHF waves will penetrate walls, floors, and other obstacles that are standing between you and the other people with whom you need to communicate. Outdoors, you will want to use the VHF settings of the Kenwood TK-3160 that you purchase, especially in open spaces. Although VHF waves will not penetrate solid materials very well, they can travel for longer distances than UHF waves, making VHF settings superior for outdoor use.

We have provided Kenwood radios and accessories to a large variety of clients, so you can be confident that Kenwood products will meet your needs. Police departments have used the Kenwood TK-3160 to help officers keep in contact with one another and with their station while they are out on patrol. Besides these governmental applications, many private sector companies also use Kenwood radios. Customer service departments use them to radio warehouse workers for product assistance and to let the janitorial staff know that an immediate clean-up is required in the store. In both cases, the radios enable the associates in these departments to solve customer problems, answer their questions and address their concerns right away, thereby improving customers' overall impression of the retail outlet.

The Kenwood TK-3160 radio has many personal uses as well. Outdoor hobby enthusiasts regularly use them for communication. Take them on a car trip and stay in contact with other vehicles without wasting precious cell phone minutes or paying for text messaging. Whatever your specific need, Kenwood has a radio for you. See our Two-Way Radio Review for more information about two-way radios. Browse our selection and contact us today for help in finding a radio that is perfect for your specific communication needs.