Motorola GP300 Radios

Affordable, durable and functional, the Motorola GP300 two-way radio is a standard throughout the professional world, and it is a device that is incredibly popular with casual users as well. Whether you are looking for a quality radio for business or personal use, the GP300 is one of the best products to meet your needs. At Tech Wholesale, you will get the Motorola GP 300 that you have been searching for as well as the best radio customer service in the industry.

Our goal is not merely to sell Motorola and other radio products and accessories to our customers but also to represent their interests. We want to make sure you get the right radio when you order from us online, and this means that we listen carefully to you when you tell us what you are searching for. We pay close attention to your specific communication needs. If the Motorola GP300 radio is not right for you, we can help you find a better device to purchase. But we also want to provide you with the information you need about this radio in order to make the best decision as to whether or not the GP300 will satisfy your requirements.

Featuring up to 16 channels and both VHF and UHF settings, the Motorola GP 300 is versatile and suitable for the communication needs of most small to medium-sized businesses. Use the UHF settings indoors to communicate with others who are several rooms or departments away. The VHF settings are perfect for outdoor communication. Everyone from customer service associates at retail stores to fishing and boating enthusiasts who are on the lookout for a great fishing spot are enthusiastic about this radio and the clear communication it provides.

In addition to business uses, those who shop for the GP300 here at Tech Wholesale often use it for amateur radio. It is a popular device with ham radio operators because it is easy to adjust to pick up standard ham radio frequencies. Choosing the right Motorola accessories can help you make the proper adjustments for this hobby. You will also find standard replacement antennas, batteries, chargers and much more that will keep your Motorola GP 300 in good working order. See also our base stations, repeaters and call boxes.

As a Motorola Authorized Two-Way Radio Dealer, we can tell you that the GP300 is one of the hardiest radios that Motorola has ever produced. It works well for industries such as construction that require heavy use, but it is also fit for companies where the work is more sedentary and employees are less apt to drop the radio or use it near heavy equipment. You'll enjoy superior performance for years if you take good care of your radio.

You can order single radios, or you can save even more money when you buy in bulk. The Motorola GP300 is also compatible with many other Motorola radios and walkie-talkies. There are so many benefits to this product, and we would like to tell you more about them directly. Contact us today to learn more about the GP300 and all of the other Motorola products that we offer.