Learn why walkie-talkies are not just fun toys for children. They have several advantages over cell phones for keeping you connected with friends, family and business associates.

Perhaps when you were a child you always asked your parents for a walkie-talkie set because it was a fun way of staying in contact with your friends, and back in the day, they were not too expensive either. Even cell phones were unheard of then. The advancement of 21st century technology now produces a vast array of devices suited for effective communication, and even a walkie-talkie set can be state-of-the-art. Although cell phones and Internet technology is the most common means of staying in touch, two-way radios are still used for hundreds of different applications, from security forces to businesses. The pet name for two-way radios is still walkie-talkie, and the vast different options available have come a long way from just being a toy.

Tech Wholesale will amaze you with the huge selection of walkie-talkies that offer you long range communication and some excellent features. You can invest in a fun walkie-talkie set for family use when you are camping or on vacations to stay in touch, or choose state-of-the-art two-way radios for large business facilities, construction, hospitality institutions or restaurants. We stock well-known market names like Kenwood and Motorola at excellent value for money, and it is easy to find what you are looking for by selecting the category that interests you. These mobile communication devices are ideal for game rangers, university campuses, medical institutions and large site management. Each has its own unique frequency of operation, which can be adjusted depending on the model as well.

Cell phones are the next best means of communication and people may argue that they are far more superior to a walkie-talkie. In many instances, you may struggle with interference and coverage, and cell phones also cost you money. Walkie-talkie sets fill this gap, and the newer models on the market offer you crystal clear communication, long lasting battery packs and ranges far superior to what was possible in the past. At Tech Wholesale, we are able to suggest the perfect radio system according to your requirements and budget.

With such a vast selection of two-way radios on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right model for your purpose. We have made it easier for you. To find out what is best for your purpose, complete the online questionnaire. Alternatively, contact our expert technical staff to help you choose the right walkie-talkie set for your needs. It is possible to invest in a set of two or more radios for communications operated from a base, which is practical for multiple users. Browse around our website to read more about the radio sets we offer for every purpose you can imagine, and read our frequently asked questions for more information which will help you choose the perfect communications equipment.