GMRS Radio Power Constraints

GMRS Radio Power: A User-Friendly Guide

Navigating the different power levels on your radio can be confusing. Let's break it down!

Channels 1-7

Think "close companions." These channels are limited to 5 watts, perfect for short-range chats with your immediate group. Most standard GMRS radios fall under this power limit.

Channels 8-14

Go easy on the gas! These channels are like whispers, meant for ultra-low power communication within a very short distance. Use them only when necessary to conserve battery and avoid interfering with others.

Channels 15-22

Unleash your inner broadcaster! These channels pack a punch with up to 50 watts of power, ideal for covering wider areas. However, remember that exceeding 5 watts often requires additional equipment and permits.

Channels 23-30

Reserved for the pros! These channels are also authorized for 50 watts, but they're on a special frequency used for repeaters, which amplify signals for even broader coverage. Unless you're a licensed repeater operator, stick to the other channels.

Always operate your radio within legal power limits and respect other users on the same channel. If you need extended range, explore options like higher-powered radios, repeaters, or alternative communication solutions.