What is an FCC ID?

FCC ID: Your Radio's Legal Fingerprint

Ever looked at your radio and wondered what that string of seemingly random letters and numbers meant? That, my friend, is your FCC ID, and it's more important than you might think.

The Federal Communications Commission Identification (FCC ID) is like a unique legal fingerprint for electronic devices sold in the United States. It signifies that the device has been tested and approved by the FCC, the government agency responsible for regulating radio frequencies, to operate safely and within specific technical limitations.

Think of it this way: radio waves are like a crowded highway. With different devices transmitting signals, it's crucial to have rules and regulations to ensure everyone plays fair and doesn't cause interference. The FCC ID ensures your radio follows these rules, preventing chaos and guaranteeing smooth communication.

But let's break down the FCC ID itself:

Grantee Code (Manufacturer ID)

This part identifies the manufacturer, like a radio's personal birth certificate. It can be either 3 or 5 characters:

  • 3 characters: All letters (a-z)
  • 5 characters: All numbers (2-9)

Product Code (Product ID)

This part identifies the specific model of your radio, like a license plate. It can be any combination of letters, numbers, hyphens, or dashes.


So, where can you find this magical code? Usually, it's printed on the back of your radio, either inside the battery compartment or above it.

Knowing your FCC ID is important for several reasons

Warranty claims

Some manufacturers require the FCC ID for warranty repairs or replacements.

Regulatory compliance

If you ever have questions about your radio's legality or technical specifications, the FCC ID is your key to finding answers.


Identifying your radio's specific model through the FCC ID can help you find user manuals, support forums, and troubleshooting guides.

The FCC ID is your radio's official identification, ensuring it plays by the rules and keeps the communication airways clear. So, the next time you pick up your radio, take a moment to appreciate its hidden code – a symbol of safety, regulations, and clear communication across the airwaves.

How to look up your radio on the FCC Website

  1. Go to FCC.gov
  2. Licensing & Data Bases
  3. 'Databases' in left menu
  4. Equipment Authorization Search
  5. Enter grantee code and product code
  6. Search and gather results