Glossary of Radio Features

You see the features listed on a radios specification sheet - but you have no idea what they mean. Let us break it down for you!
  • Alkaline Battery Backup - Optional Alkaline battery tray available for RDX Series allowing use in emergency situations or power outages.
  • Battery Meter - Displays battery reserve status.
  • Call Tones - Pre-announced tone to capture attention of another user in high ambient noise areas.
  • Cloning - Settings of one radio can be copied to another; requires optional multi-unit charger or cloning cable.
  • Hi/Low Power - Each channel may be programmed to operate on high power or low power.
  • IP54 Weatherproofing - Highly water and dust resistant.
  • Manager Lockout - Prevents users from changing radio settings.
  • Mil Spec Design - Designed to meet military specifications and industrial use.
  • Privacy Codes - Minimize interference from third party conversations (cross talk).
  • Roger Beep - Audible tone identifies that person transmitting has finished and that you may respond.
  • Scan - Monitor communication on multiple channels.
  • Scramble - Communicate privately with others; those without scramble will hear garbled audio.
  • Signal Strength Indicator - Receiving person can view if the person transmitting is near edge of communication range.
  • VOX - Communicate hands free when using an optional microphone/headset audio accessory.
  • iVOX - Communicate hands free without using audio accessories; speak at the radio and it will transmit.