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Information - Motorola DTR700 Radio

Are you looking for a heavy-duty radio that does not require the hassel of an FCC license? The Motorola DTR700 radio is perfect for you!

Radio Features - Brief Overview

  • 900MHz License Free: No regulatory paperwork or licensing applications. Save time and money on radio license fees.

  • Range: 350,000 sqft / 30 floors
  • Slim Rugged Design: Compact, IP54 rated, and built to U.S. Military standards for durability in harsh conditions.

  • Digital One-to-One and One-to-Many Calling: Flexible communication options for individual or group conversations.

  • Scan, Quick Text, Call Alert: Easily monitor calls, send pre-programmed messages, and signal users before initiating a call.

  • Manage Remotely: Supervise situations without being physically present, with remote monitoring and enable/disable features.

  • Profile ID Number: Unique 4-digit Radio Profile ID for interference-free communication and the option to create Private Groups.

  • Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS): Enhanced reliability and privacy compared to standard analog radios.

  • Antimicrobial Housing: Built-in antimicrobial properties for stain and odor resistance.

  • One Touch Access: Single-button access to pre-programmed call functions.

  • Vibrant Color Display: Backlit display with brightness adjustment for clear visibility.

  • Loud and Clear Audio: Digital audio quality without static or dead zones.

Why Choose the Motorola DLR1020?

Private Communication Options

The DTR700 Series ensures privacy with features like Private Reply for one-to-one communication after a group transmission. Call All Available and Page All Available facilitate group transmissions across channels, with replies heard by the entire group or kept private, respectively. Direct Call allows instant communication with a specific individual, and Instant Mute silences the radio immediately.

Wide Area Coverage

Whether on the production line or in the office, enjoy expanded in-building coverage of up to 350,000 sq. ft. with the standard whip antenna.

Profile ID Number and Privacy

Set up a unique 4-digit Radio Profile ID for interference-free communication. Choose from 10,000 available codes for privacy from neighboring radios.

Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)

Leverage FHSS technology for reliable and private communication, surpassing standard analog radios.

Call Management

With up to 200 entries for individual private contacts, private groups, and public groups, the DTR700 Series caters to diverse business needs. Digital One-to-One Private Calling and Digital One-to-Many Group Calling offer specific communication modes.

Remote Management

Supervise situations without being present through Remote Monitoring, and enable/disable radios remotely for unsuitable communication scenarios.

With the Motorola DTR700 Series, embrace the future of on-site communication. Elevate your team's efficiency, problem-solving capabilities, and overall operational excellence with the assurance of reliable and private digital communication. 

Interested in a quote or have more questions? Contact us and we will be happy to help!

Who should use this radio? Naturally, everyone! But here's inspiration for a few types of folks

Electricians: When you're in the middle of a job, you don't want to schlep out to the truck to get another gauge wire or yell around the building for your assistant. Let electricity conduct your business, so you can stay busy conducting electricity!

Nursing Homes: Time is critical when lives are at stake. A digital handheld radio can keep all members of your staff linked in an emergency and cut back on unnecessary running around during your average day.

Car Dealerships: An older gentlemen walks onto the lot lookin' like he's ready to buy. He'll want to talk to someone his age, so reception pulls out a unit and radios for Jim to put down his coffee and come to the front. When Jim's closed the deal, he radios Chris to bring in the mats from the shop. You see where we're going with this?

Catering: Talk about irons in the fire! You've got hot food and cold drinks to serve to a full house. Running around like a cordon bleu with its head cut off is not a good look. A Motorola DTR 600 adds a polished touch to the calm coordination of cooks and servers it provides.

Wedding Video/Photographers: Do you want Bridezilla to think you didn't bring your A Game? What do you want her to show and tell her friends? Why the perfect pictures from the perfect day, of course! Make sure you and your assistants are on point to capture every angle with the help of a Motorola two-way radio.

Dental Offices: Squirming kids and worse, squirming adults are enough to contend with in a day. Motorola makes life easier for the whole staff. Radio to the front to update charts or signal delays. Radio to the back for more novocaine or X-ray goo. Less time spent in the chair means less squirming for everyone.

Churches: Perfect for congregations large and small, one button lets you talk from vestibule to daycare to Sunday school to out near the buses and off on a trip to serve the community. Crystal clear digital audio technology means you won't have to shout to be heard in quiet worship spaces.

Theaters: When you need to tell the lighting tech you want a crimson gel for the cabaret scene and the lighting tech needs to tell Cheryl where to find it in the back of the closet; everyone would rather relay that message over the air. Digital gets it done; in fact, you can tell the whole crew to 'Take 5!' with just one custom configured SMS message! *Coverage varies based on weather conditions and terrain. Comparison claims are made against Motorola CP100/XU2600 analog radio models.

What comes with the Motorola DTR700 Digital Two-Way Radio?

  • One Motorola DTR700 on-site, two-way radio
  • High CapacityLithium-ion battery
  • Stand-up charging tray
  • Wall charger
  • Belt clip
  • Printed User Guide
  • CD-ROM User Guide

What is the range or coverage area of the Motorola DTR700?

Outdoor, limited obstructions

 1 - 2 miles


 1 - 2 miles


 0.5 - 1 miles


 350K sq ft

 25 - 30 floors

How many channels does the Motorola DTR700 offer?

The Motorola DTR700 has 50 channels. How many channels do you need?

**If the radios you are ordering need to communicate with existing radios - please request ‘programming required’ and add the required programming information OR call our support hotline at 800.215.5160 for a walkthrough on how to gather programming information.

Is the DTR700 compatible with other Motorola radios I may already have?

That entirely depends on the frequencies your current two way radios are operating on. This model of walkie talkie runs on digital and is communication compatible with other digital walkie talkies - like the Motorola Curve or DLR1060.

To confirm if your radios are compatible, email us or send us a chat in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Does it come with a warranty, and what does the warranty cover?

These two way radios come with a 2 year replacement warranty. This warranty will cover any defective or malfunctioning walkie talkie. Contact us with any warranty questions!

Where can I request a quote for Motorola DTR700?

If you are purchasing radios in bulk - definitely contact us for a quote for special bulk pricing!

What is the battery life of the Motorola DTR700, and are there options for extended battery life?

The battery life for the Motorola DTR700 is 14-15 hours.

For extended battery life, check out the following accessories:

If you have multiple walkie talkies, we highly recommend a 'base station' for your walkie talkies like a multi-unit charger.

Is the Motorola DTR700 suitable for indoor and outdoor use?

The Motorola DTR700 operates on Digital - meaning it would be ideal for indoor and or outdoor use. 

Is the Motorola DTR700 waterproof or water resistant?

The Motorola DTR700 is water resistant. If there is moisture in the air, it is no issue. If the walkie talkie is submerged then turn it off and let it dry.

How durable is the Motorola DTR700? Is it built to withstand tough environments or weather conditions?

The Motorola DTR700 meets MIL-SPEC 810 & IP55 Specifications. Simply meaning these are durable and would be recommended for medium to heavy duty use. Walkie talkie recommendations for specific industries

Please view the question above for water resistance levels.

Are there any additional accessories available for this DTR700, such as headsets or carrying cases?

There are many accessories for the DTR700 walkie talkie. View all DTR700 accessories.

Does the Motorola DTR700 require an FCC license for use?

The DTR700 does not require an FCC license.

Find more information from the official FCC website.

Can I use the Motorola DTR700 in my specific industry? 

You can shop walkies talkies for your industry here. Or take our questionnaire to find the perfect two way radio based on your requirements.

The Motorola DTR700 is recommended for industries like or similar to: large school campuses, manufacturing plants, warehouses, contstruction, drilling sites.

What is the size of the Motorola DTR700?

This walkie talkie is generally large sized. The dimensions for the Motorola DTR700 are 5.1 x 2.3 x 1.4 in.

What is the difference between the DTR600 and DTR700?

There is so much to tell! Learn more about the difference between the DTR600 and DTR700 models.

What is the difference between analog and digital walkie talkies?

Learn the difference between digital and analog radios.

Is there customer support available if I encounter any issues with the product?

Here at Tech Wholesale, we pride ourselves on providing the best service and support for our customers. Email us at or call….

To place an order or request a quote, call us at: 888.925.5982

For product technical information and support, please call: 800.215.5160

Manufacturer Help Desks: 

  • Motorola Business Radios - 800-448-6686
  • Motorola Hotline - 1-800-215-5160

Are there any discounts or promotions currently available for the Motorola DTR700?

We always have a discount program available! Please contact us at for current discounts and promotions.

Where can I find official Motorola product information about this model?

View information about the Motorola DTR700 from the official Motorola website.

    Product Specifications

  • Band: DIGITAL (900MHz) - No FCC License required!
  • Power: 1 watt (equivalent range to a 4-watt UHF radio)
  • Weight: 7.9 ounces
  • Dimensions: 5.1 x 2.3 x 1.4 in.
  • Outdoor range*: Reliable communications for 1-2 miles
  • Indoor range*: 350,000 sqft / 30 floors
  • Up to 20 public groups
  • Caller ID and call forwarding
  • Stored call logs
  • No FCC license required
  • Covers up to 350,000 square feet and 35 floors
  • Up to 14.5 hours of battery life
  • SMS Text Messaging
  • No Monthly Fees
  • Display: Yes


  • One Motorola DTR700 on-site, two-way radio
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Stand-up charging tray
  • Wall charger
  • Belt clip
  • Printed User Guide
  • CD-ROM User Guide

    Additional Specifications

  • Up to 200 contacts (public groups and private groups included)
  • 200-unit contact list
  • 2-pin audio accessory jack with captive connector cover
  • Up to 20 public groups
  • Caller ID and call forwarding
  • Battery gauge
  • Full-graphic backlit display with contrast adjustment and backlight timer
  • Daily alarm
  • Model Number: DTS150NBDLAA
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