Motorola 53960 Multi-Unit Charger


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    Product Specifications:


  • holds 6 radios

    Additional Specifications:

  • Compatible with: DTR radios

Motorola 53960 Multi-Unit Charger Product Information

Motorola 53960 Multi-Unit Charging Tray for 6 DTR Radios Buying a multi-unit charger for your DTR business radios will be one of the best purchases you've made since investing in the radios themselves. By now, you've come to see just how indispensable DTR walkie-talkies are to the smooth flow of getting the job done; be it rapid response customer service or coordinated teams creating physical products. Knowing your fleet of DTR business radios is revved and ready to go is priceless. The DTR multi-unit charger ensures your radios are on point. Keeping them charged in one place ensures you know where to find them! Bonus benefits included ease of cloning your DTR radio settings and freeing up office and outlet space of extra clutter. Whose office couldn't use a little more of that?
Compatible with: DTR radios