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Information - Motorola HKKN4027 Programming Cable

Take control of your Motorola CLS, DLR, RM, RDX or CLP radio and have it exactly the way you want it with this RM HKKN4027 programming cable and Motorola's free downloadable Customer Programming Software (CPS). You can tune the two-way radio and change settings easily by connecting the programming cable to the radio and the other end to your computer. Adjusting settings on your Motorola two-way radio in this way speeds up the process considerably. Their USB/CPS programming cable is designed for the Motorola CLP, RM and RDX series business radios. Customize your business walkie-talkie with your individualized settings. Note: This cable and program work ONLY with PCs and not Mac computers.

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Compatible with: CLS,RDX, RM, DLR, CLP, CLPe, Curve, DTR600-700 radios

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  • Compatible with: RDX, RM, DLR, CLP, CLPe, Curve, DTR600-700 radios
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