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Information - Motorola 53961 Belt Clip

Motorola DTR Radio - Replacement Belt Clip

We have so much to keep track of these days. Cellphones, keys, wallets, purses. At work, you want your DTR two-way radio to be right there when you need a question answered or another pair of hands. Where's right there? Why clipped to your belt, of course!

Clip it you can with our replacement belt clip for Motorola DTR radios. Slip your DTR walkie-talkie into the belt holster and attach it to your belt and it's there at your hip. Using the replacement belt clip for DTR radios also makes it easy to work wearing your favorite business radio accessory like earbuds or a headset with mic. All of our Motorola business radio accessories are made to make wearing your walkie-talkies at work that much more comfortable.
Compatible with: DTR, CP200 radios

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  • Compatible with: DTR, CP200 radios
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