What is the Difference Between the Motorola DTR600 and DTR700?

Motorola revolutionized the world of business communication when they introduced the Motorola DTR Series

Motorola DTR Series Background

Offering a pioneering concept:  license-free digital radios tailored for business purposes. This innovation gained swift popularity, with the DTR410, DTR550, and DTR650. 


Recently, Motorola has expanded its DTR lineup with the launch of two new models, the  Motorola DTR600 and DTR700, further elevating the appeal of this already successful digital series.

What sets Motorola's DTR products apart from most other business radios is their unique operational approach. Instead of operating on a fixed, selectable frequency, DTR series radios employ constant frequency hopping within the 900 MHz wavelength. 

This technology offers several distinct advantages over conventional radios. Firstly, the use of 900 MHz frequencies extends the range beyond what traditional UHF radios can achieve, and importantly, no licensing is required for their use. The frequency-hopping technique employed by the DTR series significantly raises the bar for eavesdropping attempts u

sing common receiver technology like scanners. In addition to these benefits, the DTR series offers crystal-clear digital sound quality and advanced features, including one-to-one calling.

The introduction of the DTR600 and DTR700 models marks a significant leap forward for Motorola's DTR series, ushering it into the next generation of license-free digital communication.

Motorola DTR600 Digital Two Way Radio

The  Motorola DTR600 is the latest addition to the DTR series, designed to replace both the DTR410 and DTR550 models

. It is fully compatible with all other DTR series radios and Motorola's DLR series radios. The DTR600 brings notable physical improvements, boasting a slimmer design, approximately one-third of an inch thinner, and a larger, full-color screen.

Straight out of the box, the DTR600 supports up to 30 license-free channels, making it suitable for immediate use without requiring additional configuration. However, for those who seek customization, the DTR series offers the potential for more. By creating contact lists for each radio within your fleet and defining private radio groups, you can streamline communication within your organization. Furthermore, a programmable side button can be configured to enable private replies, direct calls to frequently contacted individuals, all-call broadcasts, or even paging all units.

The DTR600 comes equipped with a 2500 mAh lithium battery, delivering an impressive 16.5 hours of operation. It includes essential accessories such as an antenna, charger, and a holster for secure attachment and quick access. 

The Motorola DTR600 Radio model has been discontinued and replaced with the DTR700.

Motorola DTR700 Digital Two Way Radio

The  Motorola DTR700 mirrors the functionality and features of the DTR600, with the key distinction being its expanded channel support. The DTR700 can accommodate an additional 20 channels, bringing the total to 50 channels. 

Both radios offer support for up to 200 contacts and maintain full compatibility with each other, as well as with previous DTR series and DLR series radios, such as the DLR1020 and DLR1060.

A notable feature of the DTR600 and DTR700 is their innovative holster design, a departure from the traditional belt clip. This holster ensures secure attachment and easy radio removal. It incorporates a practical feature—a designated area on the belt clip portion to neatly store any excess cord from your earpiece, preventing it from dangling and causing inconvenience.

For those interested in further customizing their DTR600 and DTR700 radios, an  optional programming cable - Motorola HKKN4027- facilitates customization using PC software readily available for download from Motorola

Additional optional accessories, including a 6-radio multi-charger and a wide variety of earpieces and other accessories, are also offered. 

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