The Benefits of Using Radios over Cell Phones

Radios over Cell Phones

Cell phones are everywhere, but did you know that especially for business, two-way radios offer many unique advantages? Take a few minutes and find out why!

As many companies already know, push-to-talk radios are far superior to cell phones and land lines for internal business communications. They offer instant access to entire teams or the entire organization with far more flexibility and far less expense than public address systems. With the advent of digital radios, they now have many of the same conveniences of cell phones (such as text messaging and GPS capability) along with the advantages of business radios. It's the best of both worlds.

Instant Access to Every Employee - or Just One Within a company facility, everyone who has a two-way radio can be immediately reached with just the touch of a button. With the use of repeaters, even employees who are a distance away can be within range to receive communications. Digital two-way radios give the additional advantage of being able to speak to an individual in addition to groups of people.

Improved Efficiency If you need to relocate multiple staff members or call a particular group to an emergency meeting, you can do so with a single transmission, rather than having to call everyone individually. You also don't have to wait for the call to connect or chase down someone's phone number and spend time dialing.

More Professionalism and Improved Customer Satisfaction Restaurant wait staff, hotel staff and others who interface regularly with the public will have a more professional appearance with a small two-way radio and discreet headset than they do speaking into a private cell phone. Certain models are specially designed to be extremely compact and lightweight, with earpieces that can be comfortably worn, ensuring private communications. This allows for less disruptions around customers.

Handle the Unexpected with Ease When a well-laid plan suddenly changes direction and you need to reschedule a meeting or reassign a project, you can do so far more easily and quickly with a two-way radio system. You can also locate people quickly. All this adds up to a more agile workforce. Better efficiency leads to lower costs and greater profits.

More Rugged and Durable than Cell Phones There are certain two-way radio models that are designed to strict military and IP54/55 regulations, making them resistant to dust, moisture, shock, vibration, extreme temperatures and even forceful water jets. Try that with your cell phone! These types of radios are recommended for harsh environments such as warehouses with heavy machinery, repair shops with a lot of dust and debris or outdoor use.

Lower Cost and no Monthly Fees Two-way radios are typically less expensive than cell phones. Additionally, there is no contract, no monthly charges and no usage fees when you go over a limit. You'll also never get another roaming charge. So long as the person you wish to communicate with is in range, you'll be able to communicate. You can even find radios that do not require an FCC license to operate. That means your only expense will be the 1-time purchase of the radio. For short-range communications, walkie-talkie systems make perfect sense.

Always-On Means Always Connected With a two-way radio and an optional repeater, an employee is always connected to their co-workers, even if they're working alone at a remote site. This is particularly advantageous if the location has spotty or non-existent cell phone coverage.

Better Battery Life Radio batteries can typically last through a worker's complete shift, unlike most cell phones.

Audio Quality You'll experience less ambient noise filtering into your conversation with a radio than you will with a cell phone. This makes two-way radios far preferable in noisy environments. They have advanced technology that enhances audio quality and suppresses noise.

Can Be Used Where Cell Phones Can't Certain workplaces (such as transportation fields) limit the use of cell phones by their drivers, but they do allow two-way radios for communication with others in the organization.

When you're considering the best internal communication devices for your business, think about all these reasons why the smartest choice is two-way radio system.