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Business Radios - BRS radios designed to be used in a variety of business environments.

BRS: The Industrial/Business Radio Pool Service

Most two-way radio guides you'll find on the Internet won't cover this, so be sure to keep reading and find out if your business is eligible for access to the frequencies in this pool.

According to the FCC, "licensees in the Industrial/Business Radio Pool use radio to support business operations. Their communications systems are used for support of day-to-day business activities, such as dispatching and diverting personnel or work vehicles, coordinating the activities of workers and machines on location, or remotely monitoring and controlling equipment." Use of these frequencies requires an FCC license.

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The service "covers the radio communications of entities engaged in commercial activities or clergy activities; operating educational, philanthropic, or ecclesiastical institutions; or operating hospitals, clinics, or medical associations. "For more information click Industrial/Business Pool License Eligibility.

What industries can get a license in the industrial/business radio pool?

  • business
  • film and video production
  • forest products
  • manufacturers
  • motor carrier
  • petroleum
  • power
  • railroad
  • relay press
  • special industrial
  • taxicab
  • telephone maintenance

Detailed information on Industrial/Business bands and band farming is available here: Industrial/Business Bands and Band Farming.

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