Motorola HKLN4455 Swivel Earpiece with Inline PTT & Microphone


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Information - Motorola HKLN4455 Swivel Earpiece with Inline PTT & Microphone

Communicate effectively and privately without missing a step. The Motorola HKLN4455 Swivel Earpiece w/ Inline PTT & Microphone for Motorola CLP radios gives you maximum freedom in movement and hides internal company radio communications from customers and clients. Wear it the way you want it with the Motorola CLP swivel earpiece and inline push-to-talk (PTT) microphone.

The made-for-comfort design of the swivel earpiece gives CLP two-way radio users the flexibility to wear their CLP swivel earpiece with inline PTT mic on either ear. That's great news for employees who wear their radios all day to do their job. The cord clips neatly to clothing, keeping the cord out of the way and the inline PTT microphone in just the right position to pick up speech.

Professionals in the hotel, restaurant and retail sales industries love the clean, elegant look of the CLP radio coupled with the CLP swivel earpiece with inline PTT microphone. Convenience shines with class!
Compatible with: CLP radios

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  • Compatible with: CLP radios
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