Motorola HKLN4433 Magnetic Case


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  • Compatible with: CLP radios

Motorola HKLN4433 Magnetic Case Product Information

Keep your two-way radio close at hand and both securely and discretely attached to your work clothes or uniform with this magnetic case for Motorola CLP Radios. Professionals working in public facing businesses such as hotels, restaurants, catering and retail love the sleek, simplistic design of their CLP walkie-talkies.

When Motorola looked at designing two-way radios specifically for these environments, they went to the source: industry insiders. One of the things Motorola engineers heard from everyone in the field is the desire to integrate their business radios into a professional look that's clean and easily wearable with a uniform or a business suit. Enter the CLP magnetic case!

When you use this magnetic case, you don't need a bulky belt clip or holster. With a smart design that doesn't harm expensive clothes, the CLP magnetic cases works for everyone. It clips as steadily and easily onto a hotel maid's uniform as it does to the sales manager's sweater set or the GM's jacket. The CLP magnetic case keeps your CLP radio where you need it, when you need it.
Compatible with: CLP radios